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Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Playlist for 2-4-2020 WFCF - Hank Garland!

This album was Hank Garland's vision come to life.

The night before this show I listened to some Hank Garland albums while I cooked and decided the next morning to do a show on him. A mutual follower on FB saw my post and alerted Hank's brother and sister-in-law, who called me at the station during the show (later messaging me) and regaled me with fun facts and information about the guitar giant and the songs we were listening to, to share with our listeners! They also posted a bunch of pictures on the Jazz Greats Facebook page (some shared here) including ones with Elvis, Barney Kessell, George Benson! Thanks to the Garland family and thanks to all who tuned in! Much love - Kendo

Hour One:

Massimo Biolcati - "Hello, I Lied" - Incontre (2020)*

John Coltrane - "Spiral" - Giant Steps (1959)

            3:15 Jazz Coffee Break

Hank Garland - "Autumn Leaves" - Velvet Guitar (1959)
Hank Garland - check out his
collection of cowboy hats in
the rear winshield!
Courtesy of the Garland family.

Hank Garland - "Ed's Place" - Velvet Guitar (1959)

Hank Garland - "Scarlet Ribbons (For Her Hair)" - Velvet Guitar (1959)

Kat Edmonson - "In a World of My Own" - Dreamers Do (2019)*

Wes Montgomery - "Bumpin'" - Bumpin' (1965)

Terry Gibbs - "Let's Do It" - ()

Pat Metheny - "Watercolors" - Watercolors (1977)

John Coltrane - "Syeeda's Song Flute" - Giant Steps (1959)

Hour Two:

Hank Garland - "Three-Four, The Blues" - Jazz Winds from a New Direction (1960)

Hank Garland - "Always" - Jazz Winds from a New Direction (1960)

Brother Jack McDuff - "I'll Be Seeing You" - Goodnight It's Time to Go (1961)

Billie Holiday - "He's Funny That Way" - At Storyville (1951)

Andrea Brachfeld - "Passarim" - Brazilian Whispers (2019)*

Jeff Rupert & George Garzone - "Without a Song" - The Ripple (2019)*
Coincidentally, a number of the other artists
played on this show were good friends of Hank!

Hank Garland - "Move" - Jazz Winds from a New Direction (1960)

Billie Holiday - "Miss Brown to You" - At Storyville (1951)

Billie Holiday - "Lover Come Back to Me" - At Storyville (1951)

Wes Montgomery - "Just Walkin'" - Bumpin' (1965)

Hour Three:

            ~ Flagler Footnotes ~

Hank Garland - "Riot-Chous" - Jazz Winds from a New Direction (1960)

Harry Connick Jr. - "Begin the Beguine" - True Love (2019)*

Hank Garland - "Ain't Nothing Wrong With That, Baby" - Velvet Guitar (1959)

Hank Garland - "Secret Love" - Velvet Guitar (1959)
Hank in front of the Grand Ole Opry
marquee. Courtesy of the Garland

Hank Mobley - "Avila and Tequila" - Hank Mobley Quartet (1955)

Hank Garland - "Why Not?" - The Unforgettable Guitar of Hank Garland (1959)

Hank Garland - "It's Love, Of Course" - The Unforgettable Guitar of Hank Garland (1960)

Hank Garland - "Tammy" - Velvet Guitar (1959)

Sarah Vaughan - "I Should Have Kissed Him More" - The New Scene (1966)

Hour Four:

Charles Mingus - "Peggy's Blue Skylight" - Tonight at Noon (1961)

Hank Garland - "All The Things You Are" - Jazz Winds from a New Direction (1960)

Pat Metheny - "Lakes" - Watercolors (1977)
George Benson loved Hank's playing.
The two became very good friends.
Courtesy of the Garland Family.

Gary Burton Quintet - "Dreams So Real" - Dreams So Real (1975)

Hank Garland - "Like Someone In Love" - Velvet Guitar (1959)

Lenny White - "The Venusian Summer Suite" - Venusian Summer (1975)

Wes Montgomery - "Bumpin'" - Bumpin' (1965)

Jack McDuff - "Loose Foot" - Moon Rappin' (1969)

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  1. We loved listening to your show today ! Thank you for sharing Hank Garland with your listeners !
    The Legendary Guitarist Hank Garland Family