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Friday, January 12, 2024

Soul Jazz Party with DJ Kendo 1-9-2024

A cool evening of lively soul jazz tracks mixed with downtempo sexy and mysterious jams featuring Gene Russell, Miles Davis, Quincy Jones, Stanley Turrentine, Bobbi Humphrey and more! Mixed live from vinyl on a very stormy Tuesday evening here in Florida. Special thanks to all who showed up to the livestream! Much love - Kendo

Quincy Jones - "Ironside" - Smackwater Jack (1971)

Pucho and His Latin Soul Brothers - "Cloud Nine" - Jungle Fire! (1969)

Gene Russell - "Making Bread" - New Direction (1971)

Gene Russell - "Black Orchid" - New Direction (1971)

Walter Bishop Jr. "Coral Keys Parts 1 & 2" - Coral Keys (1971)

Miles Davis - "Yesternow" - Jack Johnson (1970)

Miles Davis - "Freaky Deaky" - Decoy (1983)

John Scofield - "Jeep on 35" - A Go Go (1998)

39:30 -  45:00 "dead air"

Mongo Santamaria - "Los Indios" - Afro-Indio (1975)

Stanley Turrentine - "Whatever Possess'd Me" - The Man With the Sad Face (1976)

Bobbi Humphery - Uno Esta" - Fancy Dancer (1975)

DJ Shadow - "Reflecting Pool" - Action Adventure (2023)

Image by Cottonbro Studio.