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Wednesday, September 21, 2022

New Video Series with DJ Kendo!

 I've recently resurrected the YouTube channel associated with the "Jazz Greats" radio show. Trying to make the content more of what I myself would like to see in my feed... so not clickbait, not disingenous, fun, novel, (hopefully) unique and mostly sharing items from my own collection. I recently started a 4 part series about a time 10 years ago I purchased a ridiculous amount of vinyl for a song. A few peculiarities, a few keepers, and lots and lots of crap! Likes and comments always welcome! Thanks for stopping by - Kendo

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Overlooked Gems - Sylvia Herold & the Rhythm Bugs

"The Spider and the Fly" - Sylvia Herold & the Rhythm Bugs

It's true, nothing groundbreaking here. (Honestly - after subbing a few times on the "New Jazz Monday" show at WFCF, I've discovered that very little is, currently.) But it's very fun, swings, is well performed and it has vibes!! (Christian Tamburr, no less.) In my book that's a major win. The video is appropriately silly - also a win. :) Enjoy!! - DJ Kendo

You can buy a copy at Sylvia's website and also at Itunes.