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Friday, January 18, 2019

Palm Coast Jazz New Podcast!

Have a listen to some of the best new jazz coming out of Florida while you do you wake up, wind down, clean up or chill on the internet. Jazz from Orlando, Miami, Parkland and Jacksonville! Share it with internet friends to spread the love for the music! - Kendo

1. Tom McCormick - "South Beat"
from the album South Beat.

2. Jeff Rupert with Veronica Swift - "Let's Sail Away"
from the album Let's Sail Away.

3. Robotman - "The Chase"
from the album Robotman.

4. The Mica Bethea Big Band - "Frahm Out of Nowhere"
from the album Stage 'n Sound.   

5. Perry Joslin - "Rain"
from the album Dreams of Reality.

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Friday, October 16, 2015

A New Episode of Palm Coast Jazz!

Here's the latest podcast from Palm Coast Jazz, featuring the best original jazz from the state of Florida, hosted by yours truly! Nothing to it, just click & listen! - Kendo

1. Errol Rackipov Group - "Folk Dance"
2. Lisa Casalino - "No Denying"
3. Gerald Stockton - "Blue Steel"
4. Christian Tamburr - "It Rained Again Last Night"
5. Michael Ross - "Yak Attack"
6. Michael Petrovich - "San Juan Nights"