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Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Playlist for 1-28-2020 WFCF - This and That!

The new kid on the block is good!

There wasn't a theme for this week's show, just some albums I've been itching to share and a lot of new good music coming into the station! We did do some two-fers for some of the albums including Thelonious Monk, Brother Jack McDuff, Jeff Rupert and George Garzone and Joe Farrell. Thanks to all who tuned in and thank you for stopping by! - Kendo

Hour One:

Jeff Rupert & George Garzone - "Bahia" - The Ripple (2019)*

Erroll Garner - "That's My Kick" - That's My Kick (1966)*

            3:15 Jazz Coffee Break

Lolly Allen - "If You Could See Me Now" - Coming Home (2016)*

Miles Davis - "It Your Own Sweet Way" - Workin' (1956)
Way cool album cover, excellent pairing.

Art Farmer with Joe Henderson - "Blue Montreaux" - Yama (1979) CTI Moment

Ella Fitzgerald - "I've Got a Crush On You" - Ella at Zardi's (1956)

Jeff Rupert & George Garzone - "Go-Go" - The Ripple (2019)*

Herbie Hancock - "People Music" - Secrets (1976)

Hour Two:

Grachan Moncur III - "Air Raid" - Evolution (1963)

Justin Varnes - "Prelude" - Survival Instinct (2019)*

Justin Varnes - "Fergimore Island, TX BLues" - Survival Instinct (2019)*

The New Tony Williams Lifetime - "Fred" - Believe It (1975)
Aaron Diehl - photo by Jaime Kahn

Aaron Diehl - "Polaris" - The Vagabond (2019)*

Oliver Nelson - "Butch and Butch" - The Blues and the Abstract Truth (1961)

Herbie Hancock - "Water Torture" - Crossings (1972)

Hour Three:

            ~ Flagler Footnotes ~

Freddie Hubbard - "Outer Forces" - Blue Spirits (1965) - The Ride Home!

Alex Levin - "Sweets" - A Sunday Kind of Love (2019)*

Charlie Mingus - "Four Hands" - The Jazz Experiments of Charlie Mingus (1954)

Jack McDuff - "Minha Saudade" - A Change Is Gonna Come (1966)

John Bailey - "Pebbles in the Pocket" - Can You Imagine? (2019)*

Hour Four:

Nat "King" Cole - "There's No Anesthetic for Love" - Hittin' the Ramp (1939)*
Never get tired of this album cover!

Nat "King" Cole - "Riffin' at the Bar-B-Q" - Hittin' the Ramp (1939)*

Thelonious Monk - "Liza" - The Unique Thelonious Monk (1956)

Thelonious Monk - "Memories of You" - The Unique Thelonious Monk (1956)

Jack McDuff - "A Change Is Gonna Come" - A Change Is Gonna Come (1966)

Hubert Laws - "Fire and Rain" - Afro-Classic (1970) CTI Moment

Binker Golding - "I Forgot Santa Montica" - Abstractions of Reality Past and Incredible Feathers (2018)*

Joe Farrell - "Song of the WInd" - Joe Farrell Quartet (1970)

Joe Farrell - "Follow Your Heart" - Joe Farrell Quartet (1970)

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