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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Instant Download Jazz Collection for under $50!!

Here's an article if you're newly intrigued by or drawn to jazz. Below are 10 albums, a sort of 'starter kit' for less than $50 ($47.54 to be exact). The first 5 are classics to help make you more knowledgeable, and the last five are popular off-beat choices to make you casually hip. Most of all, of course, there is the immense enjoyment to be had of this awesome music - America's greatest contribution to the global world of art! All of these albums are in download form, and all are under $7! Ah - the instant musical gratification of the new millennium. Enjoy!! :)

The most popular jazz album of all time. Marvelously pairing modal jazz with short, catchy melodies and a highly unique sound and chill-out mood. Great introduction to Miles Davis, John Coltrane and Bill Evans!

Also hugely popular, includes "Take Five". Album was revolutionary incorporating unusual time signatures into standard jazz forms, but as in all great jazz albums, it's the melodies, the mastery of instruments, and the feel that make this one so wonderful. A killer quartet at their peak!

The first two tracks of this album are some of the most beloved recordings among jazz musicians as well as lovers of the genre. Spark, intensity, spirituality, immediately memorable melodies and performances. The 'classic quartet' featuring McCoy Tyner, Jimmy Garrison & Elvin Jones.

Thelonious Monk at one of many peaks. The title track is a bit daunting, musically, but certainly evokes an intriguing mood with enjoyable experimentation. The remainder of the album is pure Monk - crazy, fun melodies, driving rhythmic motifs with quirky harmonic punctuations. All-star cast including Sonny Rollins and Max Roach. The cover pictured here is not the original Brilliant Corners artwork, but the music is the original.

Mingus influenced a whole generation of jazzers he either played accompanied or directed in his bands and workshops. Incorporating traditional jazz and gospel into new thinking for ensemble performance, his music is expressive and at times, subversive. This album contains a half dozen classic Mingus standards.

A more modern choice from 1998. Scofield incorporates his highly stylized guitar sound and bluesy approach to a set of groovin' and musically satisfying numbers, with the kings of easy-groove backing him up - Medeski, Martin & Wood. A 10 out of 10.

This is actually another 'classic' album, albeit from her very late period. Her voice is not what it once was, but the raw emotion was never more pronounced, and the arrangements are gorgeous. Holiday's phrasing and gift of interpretation influenced countless jazz musicians, most notably Miles Davis and Frank Sinatra.

Joe Farrell is stunning on both sax & flute. He's best known for his outstanding performances on the first 2 Return to Forever albums. He's at the height of his creative and performing abilities here. A fine introduction to Chick Corea, Elvin Jones and the underrated bassist Buster Williams and great music for 3 bucks!

Gil Evans collaborated with Miles Davis to create brilliant albums like "Sketches of Spain" and "Miles Ahead". Here he teams up with legendary alto sax player Cannonball Adderley to put more modern (for the time) spins on older jazz tunes. Great way to get familiar with standard songs from early jazz like "St. Louis Blues, Lester Leaps In, and Struttin' With Some Barbeque".

One can never have 'too much Monk' - and this is actually something of a classic live album for a ridiculous price ($2.49). People who were lucky enough to catch Monk's shows at the legendary hole-in-the-wall jazz dive The Five Spot will never tire of telling you just how magical they were. Johnny Griffin is one of the best tenor sax players you may not have heard of.

Nearly all the albums can be obtained in cd form on the pages linked here, except "Outback" and "New Bottle Old Wine". This is simply for a quick 'starter' collection, there are scores of other important jazz artists who were crucial to the development! Note: Once on the pages, be sure to click on the "Buy MP3 Album" button to purchase. Buying the tracks individually will cost you much, much more!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Playlist for 3-25-2014 WFCF - Jazz Greats!

"Jazz" - Marcelo Bittencourt
Visit the artist's website!

Happy Spring, everybody! For this week's show, diversification was an inspiration - playing artists or albums that haven't appeared on the show, before. Also, an initial goal for doing the dj thing was/is to bring back into focus recent albums that get lost or forgotten, because of the ever-flowing influx (in vast amounts) of new music. So today we'll hear some quality tracks from last year; namely Michael Blanco, Barbara Morrison, Mark Gross and Brad Mehldau. At 5:30 we bring back the "Virgin Sacrifice" - with an unopened vinyl copy of "Moon Rappin'" by Jack McDuff (courtesy of Jim Driscoll). And to top it off, folks who tune in or stay tuned til the end will hear the "Jazz Odyssey" track - this week it's a slayer from Chuck Mangione Quartet (1972). Thanks for listening! - DJ Kendo

 Hour One:

Vincent Herring - "Big Bertha" - The Uptown Shuffle (2013)

Red Garland - "Spring Will Be a Little Late This Year" - All Kinds of Weather (1958)

    3:15 Jazz Coffee Break

Barbara Morrison - "Polka Dots and Moonbeams" - A Sunday Kind of Love (2012)

Michel Camilo - "In Love" - On Fire (1989)

Miles Davis - "Fran Dance" - Jazz Track (1958)

Cal Tjader - "Soul Burst (Guajera)" - Soul Burst (1966)
an immensely talented artist!

Hazel Scott - "Mountain Greenery" - Relaxed Piano Moods (1955)

Mark Gross - "Volare" - Blackside (2012)

Maynard Ferguson - "Never You Mind" - Around the Horn (1956)

Hour Two:

Mel Torme - "Down for Double" - Night at the Concord Pavillion (1990)

Michael Blanco - "Dutch Kills" - No Time Like the Present (2013)

Billie Holiday - "I Cover the Waterfront" - (recorded 70 years ago on 3-25-1944)

Oliver Nelson - "Tipsy" - Main Stem (1961)

Gerry Mulligan - "Over the Hills and Out of the Woods" - The Age of Steam (1971)

Bennie Green - "It's Time" - Bennie Green (1960)

Alfredo Rodriguez - "Quizas, Quizas, Quizas" - The Invasion Parade (2013)

Johnny Hammond - "Workin' On a Groovy Thing" - Breakout (1971) CTI Moment

Vanessa Rubin & Don Braden - "Never Let Me Go" - Full Circle (2012)

Hour Three:

          ~ What's Hot in the Pot (Cooking Show) ~

Dave Brubeck - "Take Five'" - Time Out (1958)
1st release on CTI spinoff Kudu - good one!

Brad Mehldau - "Aquaman" - Ode (2011)

Jack McDuff - "Moon' Rappin'" - Moon Rappin' (1969) virgin sacrifice!

Jack McDuff - "Made in Sweden" - Moon Rappin' (1969)

Jack McDuff - "Loose Foot" - Moon Rappin' (1969)

Julie London - "I'm In the Mood for Love" - Julie is Her Name (1955)

Cal Tjader - "Ritmo Caliente" - Ritmo Caliente (recorded 60 years ago today on 3-25-1954)

Hour Four:

Johnny Smith - "Cavu" - Moonlight in Vermont (1953)

Matt Jorgensen - "Sweetpea" - Another Morning (2007)

Henri Rene - "Hansel and Pretzel" - Riot in Rhythm (1958)

Stanley Turrentine with Milt Jackson - "Cherry" - Cherry (1972) CTI Moment

PJ Rasmussen - "Love Birds" - Another Adventure (2013)

George Cables - "Byrdlike" - Cables' Vision (1979)

Frank Wess - "After Paris" - Magic 201 (2011)

Chuck Mangione Quartet - "Legend of the One-Eyed Sailor" - Alive! (1972) Jazz Odyssey

actually the back cover to the album - pretty cool, right?

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Playlist for 3-18-2014 WFCF - Jazz Greats

"Acrylic Jazz" - Marcelo Bittencourt
acrylic painting
Visit the artist's DeviantArt page!

As always - I had the time of my life, today. Hope those who tuned in also enjoyed the sounds! Some new old vinyl to spin after another trip to Atlantic Sounds in Daytona, as well as 7 decades of soul-comforting jazz + new releases. Loved hearing Dizzy & Dexter, especially. Thanks for joining me and for stopping by here! Next week, another virgin sacrifice!! Till then - Kendo

Hour One:

Harold Mabern - "Makin' Our Dreams Come True" Right On Time (2013)

Dizzy Gillespie - "Bebop" - Something Old, Something New (1963)

    3:15 Jazz Coffee Break

Ella Fitzgerald - "Black Coffee" - (1949)

Benny Golson - "Groovin' High" - Walkin' (1957)
an unintentionally loose affair - but interesting!

Stan Getz - "It Might as Well Be Spring" - Getz au Go Go (1964)

Soul Mann and the Brothers - "Early Sunday Morning" - Shaft (1972)

Ron Carter - "A Feeling" - All Blues (1973)

John Patitucci - "Out of the Mouths of Babes" - Now (1998)

Wes Montgomery - "Four on Six" - The Incredible Jazz Guitar (1960)

Dexter Gordon - "Le Coiffeur" - Gettin' Around (1965)

Hour Two:

Grant Green - "Speak Low" - I Want to Hold Your Hand (1965)

Denny Zeitlin - "Just Passing By" - Slick Rock (2003)

Count Basie - "I Didn't Know What Time It Was" - High Voltage (1970)

Lynne Arriale - "Call Me" - Convergence (2010)

Nancy Wilson - "Fly Me to the Moon" - Like in Love (1959)

Louis Armstrong and his All Stars - "Someday You'll Be Sorry" - (?)

Scott Marischen - "All Blues" - Alligator Alley (2011)
great compilation!

Thelonious Monk - "Ruby My Dear" - Alone in San Francisco (1959)

Catherine Russell - "Public Melody Number One" - Bring It Back (2013)

Joshua Breakstone - "I Told You So" - With the Wind and the Rain (2013)

Takuya Kuroda - "Green and Gold" - Rising Son (2013)

Hour Three:

    ~ cooking show ~

Bill Evans - "Autumn Leaves" - Portrait in Jazz (1959)

Sarah Vaughan - "Wonder Why" - After Hours (1961)

Hank Crawford - "The Peeper" - From the Heart (1962)

Jack McDuff - "All in Love is Fair" - The Fourth Dimension (1974)

Miles Davis - "Perfect Way" - Tutu (1986)

Kai Winding and J.J. Johnson - "Let's Get Away From It All" - Trombone for Two (1955)

Charles Mingues - "Better Get Hit in Your Soul" - Mingus Ah Um (1959) 5:50 Gospel Express

Hour Four:

Weather Report - "Punk Jazz" - Mr. Gone (1978)

Duke Jordon - "Flight to Jordan" - Trio & Quintet (1955)

Brigitte Zarie - "Where There Is Love" - L'amour (2013)

Joe Henderson - "Black Narcissus" - Black Narcissus (1974)
fascinatin' Henderson!

Cal Tjader - "Leyte" - Live at the Funky Quarters (1972)

Artie Butler - "Music for Night People" - Have You Met Ms. Jones (1968) CTI Moment

Ben Patterson - "Golden Lady" - Essential Elements (2013)

Sheryl Bailey - "The Lioness" - A Meeting of Minds (2013)

Chick Corea & Return to Forever - "Light as a Feather" - Light as a Feather (1972) Lengthy Jam

Sunday, March 16, 2014

New Chat Room

Where's Kenny?

You might have heard me announce on last weeks show that Jazz Greats will be interrupted at 5pm eastern for a new cooking show. So I will leave the board for 15 minutes (or so I'm told) and then resume the good music til 7pm. What to do? How about this! Starting this week, Jazz Greats has a new chat room.

So at 5pm while they're doing whatever you do on a radio cooking show (!) we can continue the good vibes and fun, talk about jazz in general or the artists that were played on the show, make/take requests, whatever else pops into the G-rated section of your mind that seems appropriate at the moment. If it takes off, I'll leave it open for the remainder of the show.

I've selected a chatroom host that is the least invasive. All you need to join is to make a username and password, and verify your email. After a 10-day period I can make the chat room open to the public, but for this week's show it's only open to 'friends'. So once you're a member, send me a friend request here, and voila! You're in. My user name is Ken_do.

See you Tuesday!

Monday, March 10, 2014

Playlist for 3-11-2014 WFCF - Very Saxy Tuesday!

"Sax Solo" - Stefanos Aslanis
Visit the artist's website!

This show is all about Selmers and Yamahas, Bueschers and Kings, and the guys & gals who make 'em sound great! There's also a pianist or two, a singer here or there, even some brass. Not all saxy, just very. Lots of new albums got added to my library, many thanks to former Jazz Greats host and show originator Mariann! At the end of the show we'll hear another lengthy odyssey, this time from Wynton Kelly and Hank Mobley you won't want to miss. Tune in for another swingin' show, broadcast live on Tuesday March 11th from 3-7pm eastern. Stop by the show's Facebook page & say howdy and to see my ridiculous poster for this episode. Til Tuesday - Kendo  

Ps - if you like the above painting, be sure to click the link and visit Stefanos' gallery - so many cool creations!

Hour One:

"Jazz Greats Theme Song: "Jazzlito" - Emanuele Coluccia

Sonny Stitt - "The Night Has a Thousand Eyes" - Just in Case You Forgot How Bad He Really Was (1981)

Sonny Rollins - "Way Out West" - Way Out West (1957)

    3:15 Jazz Coffee Break

General Music Project II - "It Was a Very Good Year" - General Music Project II (1994)

Al Jarreau - "Take Five" - Look to the Rainbow (1977)

Johnny Smith - "TabĂș" - Moonlight in Vermont
(recorded 62 years ago today on 3-11-1952)

Mobley, Cohn, Coltrane, Sims - "Just You, Just Me" - Tenor Conclave (1956)
4 of the best!

Brigitte Zarie - "Quiet Nights" - L'Amour (2013)

Louis Armstrong - "Keepin' Out of Mischief Now" - Satch Plays Fats (recorded 82 years ago today on 3-11-1932)

Coming Together (with Chris Potter) - "My Shining Hour" - Coming Together (2005)

Hour Two:

Stan Getz - "East of the Sun" West Coast Jazz (1955)

Duke Ellington - "Prelude to a Kiss" - Ellington Indigos (1958)

Charles McPherson - "Marionette" - Come Play With Me (1995)

Jack McDuff - "Georgia" - Check This Out (1972)

Benny Green (feat. Antonio Hart) - "Kaleidoscope" - Kaleidoscope (1996)

Jane Ira Bloom - "My Ship"
 - Sixteen Sunsets (2013)

Bobby Watson - "Sweet Dreams" - Check Cashing Day (2013)

Frank Wess - "The Summer Knows" - Magic 201 (2011)
the 90's really saw some great music being created!

Hour Three:

Jazz Greats 2nd Half Theme Song - "Yes We Can Can" - The Pointer Sisters

Joe Henderson - "Johnny Come Lately" - Lush Life (1991)

Ella Fitzgerald - "Someone to Watch Over Me" - Ella Sings Gershwin (1950)

Bill Evans - "You and the Night and the Music" - Interplay (1962)

Tim Warfield - "Monkey See, Monkey Doo" - Inspire Me! (2013)

Tom Stewart - "Let It Burn" - Flyer (2012)

Coleman Hawkins - "Ill Wind" - The Genius of Coleman Hawkins (1957)

Joshua Redman - "The Folks Who Live On The Hill" - Walking Shadows (2012)

John Coltrane - "A Love Supreme: Psalm" - A Love Supreme (1964) 5:50 Gospel Train

Hour Four:

The Gailloreto Quintet - "Beatrice" - The Insider (2003)
the one and only

Spyro Gyra - "Catching the Sun" - Collection (comp.)

[music bedding behind announcements - "Punctuated Performance" - Henri Rene]

Thomson Kneeland - "Hyperion" - Mazurka for a Modern Man (2007)

Herb Silverstein - "Monday Morning" - Monday Morning (2013)

[music bedding behind announcements: Gary McFarland - "Up, Up and Away" - Does The Sun Really Shine on the Moon?"]

Sylvia Herold and the Rhythm Bugs - "Happy Feet" - The Spider and the Fly (2012)

Dave Stryker - "Make It With You" - Eight Track (2013)

Wynton Kelly - "Milestones" - Live at the Left Bank (1967)

this set catches Wynton and Hank in high creativity!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Playlist for 3-4-2014 - Mardi Gras & Larry Coryell!

Happy Mardis Gras! Today the show is graced by a legend. Live interview with the "Godfather of Fusion" Larry Coryell at 3:30pm (re-broadcast at 6:30pm). All times Eastern. You might have noticed by the frequency I play his music or albums he's on, that I'm a fan! There'll be plenty of big Fat Tuesday tracks from some of his 60+ albums; including "Spaces" (of course), "Duality", "Tricycles", "Offering" and more! Lots of other good stuff as well including Miles, Monk, Michel Camilo, Bobby Hutcherson, Kristin Korb, Chet Atkins & Chick Corea, for starters. Show starts at 3 eastern! Tune in online here! See you then - Kendo

Hour One:

Larry Coryell - "Stable Fantasy" - Tricycles (2002)

Larry Coryell - "Gloria's Step" - Spaces (1969)

    3:15 Jazz Coffee Break

Larry Coryell - "Counterweight" - The Lift (2012)
LC's latest release!

Chet Atkins - "Lullaby of the Leaves" - Hi Fi in Focus (1957)

Gabor Szabo - "Witchcraft" - Spellbinder (1966)

Johnny Smith - "Jaguar" - Moonlight in Vermont (1952)

Interview with Larry Coryell

[portions of tracks played during interview "Tyrone" - Planet End (1969);"Duality: Nenads Sonata" - Duality (2011); "First Day of Autumn" - The Lift (2012)]

Hour Two:

Larry Coryell - "Wrong is Right" - Spaces (1969)

Cal Tjader - "Manha De Carnival" - Sona Libre (1963)

Wes Montgomery - "Tequila" - Tequila (1966)

Miles Davis - "Tasty Pudding" - Plays the Compositions of Al Cohn (1953)

Tim Warfield - "Inspire Me!" - Inspire Me! (2013)
from the back of the "Duster" album:
Larry with his Super 400!

Pat Metheny Unity Group - "We Go On" - Kin (2013)

Miles Davis - "Mood" - ESP (1965)

Hampton Hawes - "Dangerous" - Spanish Steps (1968)

Hour Three:

Chick Corea - "You're Everything" - Light as a Feather (1972)
not playing this one today, but good stuff!

Kristin Korb - "Traveling Groove Merchant" - What's Your Story (2012)

Clarke, Miller Wooten - "Thunder" - Thunder (2008) listener request!

Thelonious Monk - "Monk's Mood" - Thelonious Himself (1957)

Bobby Hutcherson - "When You are Near" - Happenings (1966)

Michel Camilo - "Hello and Goodbye" - Why Not? (1985)

Jane Ira Bloom - "For All We Know" - Sixteen Sunsets (2013)

Herb Silverstein - "You're Almost Right" - Monday Morning (2013)

Hour Four:

George Cables - "Cedar Walton" - Icons & Influences (2013)

Larry Coryell - "Scotland" - Offering (1972)
just got this one Monday: great music,
beautiful cover!

Larry Coryell - "Stadium Wave" - The Lift (2012)

Gary Burton Quartet - "General Mojo's Well Laid Plan" - Duster (1967)

Larry Coryell - "She's Leaving Home" - Tricycles (2002)

Interview with Larry Coryell (re-broadcast)

visit the show's Facebook page!

Having the time of my life with Larry Coryell!

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Larry Coryell Interview - March 4th 2014!

Don't miss guitar legend and godfather of fusion Larry Coryell live & in the WFCF studio for an interview with me on Jazz Greats this coming Tuesday (3/4/2014) at 3:30pm Eastern, and re-broadcast at 6:30pm. Listen live online for free at iHeart by clicking here! See you then! - Kendo