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Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Playlist for 1-28-2020 WFCF - This and That!

The new kid on the block is good!

There wasn't a theme for this week's show, just some albums I've been itching to share and a lot of new good music coming into the station! We did do some two-fers for some of the albums including Thelonious Monk, Brother Jack McDuff, Jeff Rupert and George Garzone and Joe Farrell. Thanks to all who tuned in and thank you for stopping by! - Kendo

Hour One:

Jeff Rupert & George Garzone - "Bahia" - The Ripple (2019)*

Erroll Garner - "That's My Kick" - That's My Kick (1966)*

            3:15 Jazz Coffee Break

Lolly Allen - "If You Could See Me Now" - Coming Home (2016)*

Miles Davis - "It Your Own Sweet Way" - Workin' (1956)
Way cool album cover, excellent pairing.

Art Farmer with Joe Henderson - "Blue Montreaux" - Yama (1979) CTI Moment

Ella Fitzgerald - "I've Got a Crush On You" - Ella at Zardi's (1956)

Jeff Rupert & George Garzone - "Go-Go" - The Ripple (2019)*

Herbie Hancock - "People Music" - Secrets (1976)

Hour Two:

Grachan Moncur III - "Air Raid" - Evolution (1963)

Justin Varnes - "Prelude" - Survival Instinct (2019)*

Justin Varnes - "Fergimore Island, TX BLues" - Survival Instinct (2019)*

The New Tony Williams Lifetime - "Fred" - Believe It (1975)
Aaron Diehl - photo by Jaime Kahn

Aaron Diehl - "Polaris" - The Vagabond (2019)*

Oliver Nelson - "Butch and Butch" - The Blues and the Abstract Truth (1961)

Herbie Hancock - "Water Torture" - Crossings (1972)

Hour Three:

            ~ Flagler Footnotes ~

Freddie Hubbard - "Outer Forces" - Blue Spirits (1965) - The Ride Home!

Alex Levin - "Sweets" - A Sunday Kind of Love (2019)*

Charlie Mingus - "Four Hands" - The Jazz Experiments of Charlie Mingus (1954)

Jack McDuff - "Minha Saudade" - A Change Is Gonna Come (1966)

John Bailey - "Pebbles in the Pocket" - Can You Imagine? (2019)*

Hour Four:

Nat "King" Cole - "There's No Anesthetic for Love" - Hittin' the Ramp (1939)*
Never get tired of this album cover!

Nat "King" Cole - "Riffin' at the Bar-B-Q" - Hittin' the Ramp (1939)*

Thelonious Monk - "Liza" - The Unique Thelonious Monk (1956)

Thelonious Monk - "Memories of You" - The Unique Thelonious Monk (1956)

Jack McDuff - "A Change Is Gonna Come" - A Change Is Gonna Come (1966)

Hubert Laws - "Fire and Rain" - Afro-Classic (1970) CTI Moment

Binker Golding - "I Forgot Santa Montica" - Abstractions of Reality Past and Incredible Feathers (2018)*

Joe Farrell - "Song of the WInd" - Joe Farrell Quartet (1970)

Joe Farrell - "Follow Your Heart" - Joe Farrell Quartet (1970)

Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Playlist for 1-7-2020 WFCF - Holiday Haul!

Mid 70's Milestone release with George Duke and Oscar Brashear.

This week we featured music I received as Christmas presents including albums by Joe Henderson, Herbie Hancock, Oliver Nelson, Freddie Hubbard, Gil Evans and more plus great selections from the new jazz shelf! Thanks for tuning in and stopping by! - Kendo

Hour One:

Oliver Nelson - "Stolen Moments" - The Blues and the Abstract Truth" (1961)

           3:15 Jazz Coffee Break

Bill Cunliffe Trio - "The Continental" - Sunrise Over Molokai (2018)*

Christina Watson - "So This Is Love" - So This Is Love (2018)*

Wes Montgomery - "Polka Dots and Moonbeams" - The Incredible Jazz Guitar (1960)

Hank Mobley - "The Steppin' Stone" - Third Season (1967)

Gil Evans - "Stratosphunk" - Out of the Cool (1960)

Freddie Hubbard - Soul Surge" - Blue Spirits (1965)

Hour Two:

Nicholas Payton - "Tea for Two" - Relaxin' With Nick (2019)*

Oliver Nelson - "Hoe Down" - The Blues and the Abstract Truth" (1961)

Helen Merrill - "Where Flamingos Fly" - Out of the Cool (1959)
Recorded just after Happenings, much different vibe!

Joe Henderson - "Tres Palabras" - Canyon Lady (1973)

Bobby Hutcherson - "Una Muy Bonita" - Stick-Up! (1966)

Elena Gilliam, Michael Le Van - "Misty" - Then Another Turns (2019)*

Harold Land - "Our Home" - Choma (Burn) (1971)

Reid Hoyson Project - "Bottom Without a Top" - Natural Gifts (2019)*

Hour Three:

            ~ Flagler Footnotes ~

Freddie Hubbard - "Blue Spirits" - Blue Spirits (1965) - The Ride Home!

Lolly Allen - "Mambo Inn" - Coming Home (2016)*

Buddy Rich - "Wind Machine" - Just In Time (1986)*
Even the album cover is cool...

Buddy Rich - "The Trolley Song" - Just In Time (1986)*

Nat "King" Cole - "With Plenty of Money and You" - Hittin' the Ramp (1938)*

Nat "King" Cole - "Liza" - Hittin' the Ramp (1938)*

Gil Evans - "La Nevada (1959 Version)" - Out of the Cool (191959)

Gil Evans - "Stratosphunk" - Out of the Cool (1960)

Hour Four:

Volker Heuken Sextett - "Doppeltriade" - Siblings (2018)*

Herbie Hancock - "Ostinato (Suite for Angela)" - Mwandishi (1971)

Bobby Hutcherson - "Una Muy Bonita" - Stick-Up! (1966)
Mesmerizing sounds...

Herbie Hancock - "Quasar" - Crossings (1972)

Herbie Hancock - "You'll Know When You Get There" - Mwandishi (1971)

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Playlist for 3-25-2014 WFCF - Jazz Greats!

"Jazz" - Marcelo Bittencourt
Visit the artist's website!

Happy Spring, everybody! For this week's show, diversification was an inspiration - playing artists or albums that haven't appeared on the show, before. Also, an initial goal for doing the dj thing was/is to bring back into focus recent albums that get lost or forgotten, because of the ever-flowing influx (in vast amounts) of new music. So today we'll hear some quality tracks from last year; namely Michael Blanco, Barbara Morrison, Mark Gross and Brad Mehldau. At 5:30 we bring back the "Virgin Sacrifice" - with an unopened vinyl copy of "Moon Rappin'" by Jack McDuff (courtesy of Jim Driscoll). And to top it off, folks who tune in or stay tuned til the end will hear the "Jazz Odyssey" track - this week it's a slayer from Chuck Mangione Quartet (1972). Thanks for listening! - DJ Kendo

 Hour One:

Vincent Herring - "Big Bertha" - The Uptown Shuffle (2013)

Red Garland - "Spring Will Be a Little Late This Year" - All Kinds of Weather (1958)

    3:15 Jazz Coffee Break

Barbara Morrison - "Polka Dots and Moonbeams" - A Sunday Kind of Love (2012)

Michel Camilo - "In Love" - On Fire (1989)

Miles Davis - "Fran Dance" - Jazz Track (1958)

Cal Tjader - "Soul Burst (Guajera)" - Soul Burst (1966)
an immensely talented artist!

Hazel Scott - "Mountain Greenery" - Relaxed Piano Moods (1955)

Mark Gross - "Volare" - Blackside (2012)

Maynard Ferguson - "Never You Mind" - Around the Horn (1956)

Hour Two:

Mel Torme - "Down for Double" - Night at the Concord Pavillion (1990)

Michael Blanco - "Dutch Kills" - No Time Like the Present (2013)

Billie Holiday - "I Cover the Waterfront" - (recorded 70 years ago on 3-25-1944)

Oliver Nelson - "Tipsy" - Main Stem (1961)

Gerry Mulligan - "Over the Hills and Out of the Woods" - The Age of Steam (1971)

Bennie Green - "It's Time" - Bennie Green (1960)

Alfredo Rodriguez - "Quizas, Quizas, Quizas" - The Invasion Parade (2013)

Johnny Hammond - "Workin' On a Groovy Thing" - Breakout (1971) CTI Moment

Vanessa Rubin & Don Braden - "Never Let Me Go" - Full Circle (2012)

Hour Three:

          ~ What's Hot in the Pot (Cooking Show) ~

Dave Brubeck - "Take Five'" - Time Out (1958)
1st release on CTI spinoff Kudu - good one!

Brad Mehldau - "Aquaman" - Ode (2011)

Jack McDuff - "Moon' Rappin'" - Moon Rappin' (1969) virgin sacrifice!

Jack McDuff - "Made in Sweden" - Moon Rappin' (1969)

Jack McDuff - "Loose Foot" - Moon Rappin' (1969)

Julie London - "I'm In the Mood for Love" - Julie is Her Name (1955)

Cal Tjader - "Ritmo Caliente" - Ritmo Caliente (recorded 60 years ago today on 3-25-1954)

Hour Four:

Johnny Smith - "Cavu" - Moonlight in Vermont (1953)

Matt Jorgensen - "Sweetpea" - Another Morning (2007)

Henri Rene - "Hansel and Pretzel" - Riot in Rhythm (1958)

Stanley Turrentine with Milt Jackson - "Cherry" - Cherry (1972) CTI Moment

PJ Rasmussen - "Love Birds" - Another Adventure (2013)

George Cables - "Byrdlike" - Cables' Vision (1979)

Frank Wess - "After Paris" - Magic 201 (2011)

Chuck Mangione Quartet - "Legend of the One-Eyed Sailor" - Alive! (1972) Jazz Odyssey

actually the back cover to the album - pretty cool, right?

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Desert Isle Pick 3

Cal Tjader - Soul Burst (1966)

Alright, some of you know I'm nuts over Cal Tjader. This is no light jazz outing, though. It does start innocently enough with the boogaloo "Cuchy Frito Man", replete with "Patato" Valdez's Latino-slang shouts & interjections... but even on this opener there is a deeper groove, a slier hipness than on much of Cal's 60s oeuvre. As the album progresses, there's also more jazz profundity, even in Tjader's own composition.

4 names have a lot to do with this...

Chick Corea - The whole album is just marvelously filled with Chick. In 1966, he's way ahead of the pack. The 2nd track "Descargo Cubana" is a feature on the astounding pianist, and he doesn't disappoint.

Oliver Nelson - his small group arrangements are sumptuous, shining especially on a stunning "Bilbao Song" by Kurt Weill, and the title track.

Creed Taylor - the man could do no wrong while at Verve, and he knew instinctively, uncannily even, who would sound good doing what, when, and with whom.

Cal Tjader - at a particularly creative high for this recording. 

Add to that a fine, large rhythm section with Grady Tate on the drums, and the flutes of Jerry Dodgion, Seldon Powell and Jerome Richardson twirling above it all, or tearing up the solo sections - and you've got Tjader's best album of the 60's.

"Manteca" pops, bops and simmers; "It Didn't End" is highly infectious Brazilian fun; Clare Fischer's "Morning" gets it's first of several Tjader treatments, this being the simplest & most touching with a very solid vibes solo. Corea completists will want to hear "Oran" - a distinctive, angular samba that fits perfectly here. The album closes with Tjader's "Curacao" - a poignant, bluesy afro-latin 6/8 number that might change your mind about the whole Tjader bag.

    At 39 minutes, it's a little short for a Desert Isle pick; but it's 39 minutes of exquisite, repeatable delight! - DJ Kendo