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Monday, November 28, 2016

Playlist fo 11-29-2016 WFCF - Crunching Numbers!

"John Coltrane" - Matt Motane
mixed media
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Note - if you want to know what will be on upcoming shows you can view the new Youtube channel for Jazz Greats!

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving! This week we have another number-themed show - "Crunching Numbers"! New releases from Jane Bunnett, Ark Ovrutski, Afro Bop Alliance and more; classic cuts from Sonny Stitt, Chick Corea, Chico Hamilton & Charles Earland; plus must-hears from Ray Oviedo, Herbie Nichols & Gonzalo Rubalcaba. All that and much more! Tune in Tuesday (11/29) from 3-5pm and resuming from 5:15-7pm eastern by clicking here. See you then! - Kendo 

Hour One:

Ark Ovrutski Quintet - "2nd line/Partido Alto" - Sounds of Brasil (2010)*

Herbie Nichols - "2300 Skiddoo" - The Prophetic Herbie Nichols Vol II (1955)

3:15 Jazz Coffee Break

Duke Jordan - "Two Loves" - Trio and Quintet (1955)

Gonzalo Rubalcaba - "4 y 20" - Suite 4 y 20 (1992)
very fine release - great tone!

Giocamo Gates - "Take Five" - Everything is Cool (2015)

Jason Hainsworth - "I Plead Da Fif" - Third Ward Stories (2015)*

Lorraine Feather - "159" - Attachments (2013)

Jim Snidero - "MD66" - MD66 (2016)*

Brian Charette - "Blues for 96" - Once & Future (2015)*

Hour Two:

Jane Bunnett and Maqueque - "Power of Two" - Oddara (2016)*

Monika Herzig - "2-Way Mirror" - The Whole World In His Hands (2014)

Stacey Kent - "Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo" - Jazz Loves Disney (2016)*

Kenny Burrell - "Fourth Dimensions" - Unlimited I (2016)*
Chico's best? With Charles Lloyd & Gabor Szabo!

Chico Hamilton - "Man From Two Worlds" - Man From Two Worlds (1963)

Joe Lovano - "Six and Four" - Classic! Live at Newport (2005)

John Coltrane - "Fifth House" - Coltrane Jazz (1959)

Gary Burton - "One, Two, 1-2-3-4" - Duster (1967)

Carol Bach-y-Rita - "While My Lady Sleeps" - Minha Casa/My House (2016)*

Hour Three:

~ Flagler Files ~

Chick Corea - "Five Hundred Miles High" - Light as a Feather (1972) The Ride Home! 

Jane Bunnett and Maqueque - "25 New Moves" - Oddara (2016)*

Brad Mehldau - "26" - Ode (2011)
Good sounds and fun!

Ryan Fourt - "And the Two Are Left" - Big Slick (2015)

Ray Obiedo - "Ten Thirty" - There Goes That ()

Sonny Stitt - "12" - 12! (1972)

Steve Wilson - Lewis Nash - "Row Twelve" - Duologue (2013)

Hour Funk:

Todd Hunter - "210 to the 15" - Eat, Drink, Play (2016)*

Jordan Young - "Eight Counts for Rita" - Jazz Jukebox (2015)*

Keith Brown - "Ten Years of Turnmoil" - The Journey (2015)
quality playing!

Space Orphan - "Cuatro de Marzo" - Shut Up About the Sun (2016)*

Charles Earland - "Warp Factor 8" - Leaving This Planet (1973)

Bobby Hutcherson - "Highway One" - Highway One (1978)

Afro Bop Alliance Big Band - "Family of Four"  Revelation (2015)*

Monday, November 21, 2016

Playlist for 11-22-2016 WFCF - Stevie Songs!

"Stevie Wonder" - OilBigBrozer
Ink, Paint & Graphite
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This week's theme is Stevie! 28 songs composed by Stevie Wonder performed by great jazz musicians like Joe Henderson, Freddie Hubbard, Christian McBride & Jack McDuff, along with new releases from Kait Dunton, Dave Stryker and Abbey Lincoln. Tune in Tuesday (11/22) from 3-5 eastern and then resuming at 5:15-7pm by clicking here.
See you then!

Hour One:

Abbey Lincoln - "Love Having You Around" - Love Having You Around (1980)*

Kait Dunton - "Isn't She Lovely" - tirokait Casual (2016)*

3:15 Jazz Coffee Break

Grant Green - "If You Really Love Me" - Shades of Green (1971)
This session features pop/rock songs done up Kait style!

Freddie Hubbard - "Black Maybe" - High Energy (1974)

Stanley Turrentine - "Evil" - Pieces of Dreams (1974)

Phineas Newborn - "You Are the Sunshine of My Life" - Look Out Phineas is Back (1976)

Cedar Walton - "Another Star" - Animation (1978)

Mike LeDonne - "Do I Do" - I Love Music (2013)

Joe Policastro - "Creepin'" - Pops! (2016)*

Hour Two:

Gerry Gibbs Thrasher Dream Trio - "Living for the City/Overjoyed" - We're Back (2014)

Lori Williams - "Overjoyed" - Behind the Smiles (2016)*

Joe Henderson - "My Cherie Amour" - Black Miracle (1975)
Great mix of selections and strong vocals!

Shelly Berg - "Blame it On The Sun" - Blackbird (2003)

Mike LeDonne - "I Love Every Little Thing About You" - I Love Music (2013)

Dave Stryker - "Superwoman" - Eight Track (2013)

Theo Croker - "Visions" - Afro Physicist (2011)

Hour Three:

~ Flagler Files ~

Johnny Hammond - "Higher Ground" - Higher Ground (1973) - The Ride Home!

Dave Stryker - "Send One Your Love" - Eight Track II (2016)*

Dave Stryker - "Signed, Sealed, Delivered" - Eight Track II (2016)*

Mark Gross - "Knocks Me Off My Feet" - Blackside (2012)

Stanley Turrentine – "Bird of  Beauty" - Wonderland (1986)

Christian McBride - "Summer Soft" - Family Affair (1998)

Hour Four:

Ben Paterson - "Golden Lady" - Essential Elements (2013)

Jacob Collier - "You and I" - In My Room (2016)*
Stanley did a whole album of Stevie songs!

Stanley Turrentine – "Rocket Love" - Wonderland (1986)

Ray Baretto - "Pastime Paradise" - La Cuna (1979) CTI MOMENT

Jack McDuff - "All Is Fair In Love" - The Fourth Dimension (1974)

Russell Malone - "You Will Know" - Look Who's Here (1995)

Freddie Hubbard - "Too High" - Gleam (1975)

Friday, November 18, 2016


This morning on a whim I decided to see how many Cal Tjader tracks are in my desktop (where I manage both my vinyl & digital collections). There are currently 456 unique Cal Tjader mp3s in there. I know!! Not enough, right?? That's why I just added 3 more albums to my wish list...

I'm currently listening to all the Tjader cd's I own chronologically when I'm cooking or cleaning up the kitchen (we make a lot of dishes when we cook). This morning I had

on the one pictured above. It took a while for this to get issued on cd... Verve has only released about half of it's Tjader catalog digitally. This one was finally put out by English label √Čl ( in assoc. with Cherry Red Records) in 2014. It's highly enjoyable with a solid Latin rhythm section along with Paul Horn on flute/sax and Lonnie Hewitt on piano. There is a particularly fine "On Green Dolphin Street" with extended soloing from Cal and Paul. It's a bit subtler than other Latin albums he released, but still cooking, with a nice moodiness to it.

And then the cd kept playing.  I had forgotten it also contains the album "Saturday Night/Sunday Night at the Blackhawk" recorded 5 months later (Jan 1962) also with Lonnie Hewitt, Johnny Rae on drums and Freddie Schreiber on bass. Neat versions of "Stablemates", "This Can't Be Love", "Stompin' at the Savoy" as well as intriguing originals by Cal, Schreiber & Hewitt; recorded at the famed dive in San Francisco - Cal's hometown.

I didn't always dig Cal...in the early 90's I was high on Michel Camilo's release "Why Not" and wanted more Latin
jazz with horns, aggressive percussion and high-energy soloing. I went to the used books & record store I frequented in Sayville, NY and unearthed what looked like was going to be a really cooking affair (complete with picture of hot sauce and a bowl of red beans). It didn't hurt that the proprietor's sticker read "Rare Classic Latin Jazz Release!! - $35"

Yes... this sucker paid $35 dollars for a non-mint copy of "Soul Sauce". Imagine my further disappointment when I popped on the stylus to hear the title track, the mellow eq on the vibes, the hand claps, the lack of blazing horns, and plenty of reverb on the percussion, sounding very much like a 60's lounge-exotica album. I was over it - or rather, I wasn't ready for it. 

It wasn't till 2004 when I took another chance and bought the phenomenal "Soul Burst" album with Chick Corea,
Oliver Nelson arranging, a killer trio of Jerome Richardson, Jerry Dodgion & Seldon Powell on flutes, and cats like Carlos "Patato" Valdes & Victor Pantoja in the rhythm section, that I did a 180! I immediately went back out and picked up the Verve 2-fer "Several Shades of Jade" & "Breeze from the East" and got totally hooked. Changed my life, really. 

Everyone knows Cal Tjader pioneered Latin jazz and was legit (or he knew his $#@!*, in non-musician vernacular), but he's still an acquired taste. Like some folks with Sinatra - you either "get him" - or you have no idea what the fuss is. This little post is for my fellow freaks who get him. There's a lot to love.... - Kendo

Monday, November 14, 2016

Playlist for 11-15-2016 WFCF - Chick Names!

"Baby, Play Your Heart Out" - Jessica Amanda
Visit the artist's website!

This weeks show features selections that feature names (normally) associated with the fairer sex! That's it! Plenty of new releases, including George Cables, Richie Cole, Steve Turre & more - plus lots of interesting under-heard tracks from Roy Hargrove, Ray Bryant, Dave Liebman etc.
Tune in Tuesday (11/15) from 3-5pm, and resuming from 5:15-7pm eastern by clicking here. See you then! - Kendo

Hour One:

Kenny Burrell - "Jeanine" - Unlimited 1 (2016)*

Richie Cole - "Sarah" - Plays Ballads & Love Songs (2015)*

3:15 Jazz Coffee Break

Steve Turre - "When Sunny Gets Blue" - Colors for the Masters (2016)*

David Glasser, Clark Terry & Barry Harris (w/Roy Hargrove) - "Charise" - Uh! Oh (1999)

Lester Young - "Peg O' My Heart" - Trio Vol 2 (1946)

Cannonball Adderley/Bill Evans - "Waltz for Debby" - Know What I Mean (1961) 

Jason Hainsworth - "Jana" - Third Ward Stories (2015)*

Gil Melle - "Jacqueline" - Quadrama (1957)

Mark Elf - "Jacky's Jaunt" - Returns 2014 (2013)

Hour Two:

Jordan Young - “Eight Counts for Rita” - Jazz Jukebox (2015)*

George Cables - "Suite for Sweet Rita" - The George Cables Songbook (2016)*

Roland Kirk - "Blues for Alice" - We Free Kings (1961)
The energizer bunny of jazz!

Keith Javors - "Sierra Nicole's Bossa" - Mo' City Jungle (2002)

Paul Horn - "Karen's World" - Monday, Monday (1966)

Antonio Adolfo - "Yolanda Yolanda" - Tropical Infinito (2016)*

Pat Metheny - "Yolanda You Learn" - First Circle (1984)

Warne Marsh - "Dixie's Dilemma" - Jazz of Two Cities (1956)

Tim Davies Big Band - "Sarahbande" - The Expensive Train Set (2015)*

Hour Three:

~ Flagler Files ~

Dave Liebman/Roberto Tarenzie/Paolo Benedettini/Tony Arco - "Fran Dance" - Dream of Night (2005) The Ride Home! 

Ryan Fourt - "Air-Gun (Daisy's Revenge) - Big Slick (2015)

Chris Ziemba - "Josie" - Manhattan Lullaby (2015)
Wonderful set from Liebman!

J.J. Johnson - "Portrait of Jenny" - The Eminent Vol. 3 (1955)

Addison Frei - "Jolene" - Transit (2015)

George Cables - "The Mystery of Monifa Brown" - The George Cables Songbook (2016)*

Hour Four:

Ed Cherry - "Rachel's Step" - Soultree (2015)

Ed Cherry - "Ode to Angela" - Soultree (2015)

Bill Laurance - "Madeleine" - Aftersun (2015)

Roland Kirk - "Now Please Don't You Cry Beautiful Edith" - Now Please Don't You Cry... (1967)

Ashleigh Smith - “Sara Smile” - Sunkissed (2016)*

Ray Bryant - "Little Suzie" - The Ray Bryant Touch (1967)
Overview of his Cadet years!

Allan Harris - "Ruby" - Nobody's Gonna Love You Better (2016)*

Soul Mann & the Brothers - "Ellie's Love Theme" - Shaft (1971) 

Freddie Hubbard - “Brigitte” - Keep Your Soul Together () CTI Moment

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Playlist for 11-8-2016 WFCF - Broadway!

"Broadway Nights" - stumpyxetta
Visit the artist's website!

Last week's show was Broadway themed. I had just come back from vacation - so I'm a little behind in posting this. Hope you enjoyed the show! - Kendo

Hour One:

Branford Marsalis/Kurt Ellings - "There's a Boat Dat's Leaving Soon for New York" - Upward Spiral (2016)*  [Porgy and Bess 1935]

Kenia - "Summertime" - On We Go (2016)*  [Porgy & Bess 1935]

3:15 Jazz Coffee Break

Gabor Szabo - "People" - More Sorcery (1967)  [Funny Girl 1963]

Jimmy Giuffre - "Mack the Knife" - The Easy Way (1959)  [Three Penny Opera 1928]

Melissa Aldana - "My Ship" - Back Home (2015)*  [Lady In the Dark 1941]

Ben Paterson - "I've Never Been In Love Before" - Essential Elements (2011)  [Guys and Dolls 1950]

Ella Fitzgerald - "The Gentleman is a Dope" - Ella Swings Brightly With Nelson (1961)  [Allegro 1947]

Stan Kenton - "Baubles, Bangles and Beads" - The Stage Door Swings (1958)  [Kismet 1953]

The Mastersounds (Montgomery Brothers) - "Not Since Nineveh" - Kismet (1958)  [Kismet 1953]

Ross Tompkins - "Stranger in Paradise" - The Ross Tompkins Trio (1963)   [Kismet 1953]

Hour Two:

Ernie Watts - "Knowing When to Leave" - Planet Love (1969)  [Promises Promises 1968]

Grant Green - "I'll Never Fall in Love Again" - Green Is Beautiful (1970)  [Promises, Promises 1968]

Fred Hersch - "I Have Dreamed" - Sarabande (1986)  [The King and I 1951]

Jill Allen Wofsey - "Getting to Know You" - I'm Flying (2005)  [The King and I 1951]

Keith Jarrett - "Tonight" - Somewhere (2009) [West Side Story 1957] 

Maynard Ferguson - "Maria" - Maynard 1962 (1961)  [West Side Story 1957]

Cal Tjader - "America" - West Side Story (1960) [West Side Story 1957]

Jane Ira Bloom - "Somewhere" - Early Americans (2015)  [West Side Story 1957]

Johnny Scott - "Something's Coming" - Communication (1967) - [West Side Story 1957]

Annie Ross w/ Gerry Mulligan - "I Feel Pretty" - Sings a Song with Mulligan! (1957)  [West Side Story 1957]

Hour Three:

~ Flagler Files ~

Bill Frisell - "On the Street Where You Live" - Bill Frisell Ron Carter Paul Motian (2005)  [My Fair Lady 1956] The Ride Home!

Chet Baker - "I've Grown Accustomed To Her Face" - Plays the Best of Lerner and Loew (1959)  [My Fair Lady 1956]

Sonny Rollins - "Till There Was You [take 4]" - Freedom Suite (1958)  [The Music Man 1957]

Michael Dease - "Marian the Librarian" - Father Figure (2015)*  [The Music Man 1957]

Michael Davis - "Crb's 76 Trombones" - Hip-Bone Big Band (2016)*  [The Music Man 1957]

Tim Davies Big Band - "Conceivilization" - The Expensive Train Set (2015)* request

Hour Four:

Danny Zeitlin - "You and the Night and the Music" - Slick Rock (2003)  [Revenge with Music 1934]

Sonny Rollins - "You Do Something to Me" - The Bridge (1962)  [Fifty Million Frenchmen 1929]

Woody Herman - "Aquarius" - Heavy Exposure (1969) [Hair 1967]

Quincy Jones - "Walking in Space" - Walking in Space (1969)  [Hair 1967]

Johnny Hammond - "I Don't Know How to Love Him" - WIld Horses Rock Steady (1971)  [Jesus Christ Superstar 1971] CTI Moment

John Coltrane - "My Favorite Things" - My Favorite Things (1960) [The Sound of Music 1959]