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Sunday, March 16, 2014

New Chat Room

Where's Kenny?

You might have heard me announce on last weeks show that Jazz Greats will be interrupted at 5pm eastern for a new cooking show. So I will leave the board for 15 minutes (or so I'm told) and then resume the good music til 7pm. What to do? How about this! Starting this week, Jazz Greats has a new chat room.

So at 5pm while they're doing whatever you do on a radio cooking show (!) we can continue the good vibes and fun, talk about jazz in general or the artists that were played on the show, make/take requests, whatever else pops into the G-rated section of your mind that seems appropriate at the moment. If it takes off, I'll leave it open for the remainder of the show.

I've selected a chatroom host that is the least invasive. All you need to join is to make a username and password, and verify your email. After a 10-day period I can make the chat room open to the public, but for this week's show it's only open to 'friends'. So once you're a member, send me a friend request here, and voila! You're in. My user name is Ken_do.

See you Tuesday!