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Monday, June 25, 2012

Playlist for 6-25-12 WFCF

So my first time on the air (as a dj) went pretty well! Nervous, but I got the job done - with a little Kenny style. Once I get to know the ropes more it should be more fun to listen to. Below is the music I programmed from 3pm - 5pm on WFCF St. Augustine 88Five.

  1. Jazz Samba Project - E Luxo So*
  2. Steve Kuhn -  Permanent Wave*
  3. Brian Bromberg - Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is?*
  4. Piero Odorici w/ Cedar Walton Trio - If I Should Love You*
  5. Hubert Laws - Black Eyed Peas and Rice
  6. Arturo Sandoval - Birk's Works*
  7. Freddie Hubbard - Fantasy in D
  8. Zach Bartholomew Trio - Lover's Lament
  9. Herb Silverstein & Friends - A French Wedding
  10. Art Farmer w/ Yusef Lateef - Flute Song
  11. Jill (Allen) Wofsey - I'm Flying
  12. Bill Evans - Gloria's Step**
  13. Pointer Sisters - Cloudburst
  14. Michael Petrovich - San Juan Nights
  15. Miles Davis - Floppy
  16. Don Durkee Trio - Another Groove
  17. Bill Evans Trio - Jade Visions**
  18. Cal Tjader - Afro Blue

* - selections from the new jazz bin at WFCF

** - featured album "Sunday at the Village Vanguard" recorded on this date 51 years ago (June 25th, 1961). The Bill Evans Trio played 5 one-hour sets that day, the last of a 2 week engagement equally billed with Lambert, Hendricks and Ross. The recordings were culled from all the sets. Ten days later Scott LaFaro crashed into a tree heading upstate NY and died instantly. The 2 selections played today were his brilliant compositions.

My next time on the air will be a classical slot on July 4th from 11am to 1pm - I'll be celebrating this awesome holiday with music by American composers - like Gottschalk, Gershwin, Grofé, Copland, Antheil, Reich, Bernstein and more!

If you want to stay abreast of my doings, my twitter is @DJKendo1.

Thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Upcoming Air-date 6/25/12 WFCF

Jumping right in to the wild world of live broadcasting on 88Five WFCF St. Augustine - the new home for my big mouth (and more importantly - good taste!) We are an Iheart radio station so you can stream if you're not within range - which is pretty decent - from Jacksonville Beach to the edge of Ormond Beach (Korona) and west to Palatka.

I'm taking a fill-in spot on Monday June 25th from 3-5pm. If all goes well you'll hear my voice by about 3:30ish? Depends on DMC the station manager - who will get things started. Anyway below are some of the selections I expect to spin, including a celebration of the shows at the Village Vanguard which spawned 2 amazing Bill Evans albums: Waltz for Debby; and the one I'll be dropping: Sunday at the Village Vanguard - recorded exactly 51 years ago on the air-date.

We'll be hearing delicious sounds from the following albums:

Art Farmer - Something You Got
Jill Allen (Wofsey)- I'm Flying
Bill Evans - Sunday at the Village Vanguard
ZBT - Out of This Town
Miles Davis - Miles and Horns
Herb Silverstein & Friends - Beach Walker
Freddie Hubbard - First Light
Don Durkee Trio

along with selections from the new jazz bin at the station, and whatever DMC plays or wants me to play. Tune in via this Iheart link* if you like :) - DJ Kendo

*there are apps for blackberry, iphone, android etc on the WFCF homepage.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Go-To Album 3

Art Farmer - Something You Got
CTI 7080

I scored go-to albums 1-3 all during 2002, all at the same store. This particular one I didn't warm up to right away; I misinterpreted the intentions of Art & producer Creed Taylor. Indeed, if you don't have your ears on, track 1 sounds hokey. But there's some fine things going down on that one and throughout. It features two out-of-sight compositions by arranger David Matthews, "Flute Song" and "Hombre del Sol"; a good-time cover of "Sandu", as well as the title track. The emotional highlight comes on the amazing ballad "Saudhade". Wonderful performances from Farmer, Yusef Lateef, Hiram Bullock, Harvie Swartz on bass, Sue Evans on percussion and Jim Madison on drums.

The album definitely captures a moment in time (1977), but it captures it at it's finest - I never get tired of the buoyant mood! 

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Go-To Album 2

Spaces - Larry Coryell

Some personnel shared with Go-To Album 1 - namely Corea and McLaughlin, who once again only play on a few tracks together - "Chris" on the original album, and "Tyrone" on the Planet End album from the same recording sessions.

I won't even try describing the sounds on this album - it is for many, including myself, everything a fusion album should be, with none of the trappings. No overindulgence, no self-importance - just some seriously well thought out and executed music that seems to flow effortlessly and liberally, in spite of the prowess shown by all. Once you've heard it and gotten to know it - you'll be spoiled and want to find a whole bunch more albums just like it; but there are nearly none, making it all the more precious.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Go-To Album 1

Joe Farrell Quartet - CTI 6003

1970, the fourth release on CTI, and a basic hijacking of Miles' early fusion group. The music is entirely different, though - from the tie-die groove of "Follow Your Heart" (in 11/8), to introspective freakouts like "Alter Ego" and then all-out psycho freakouts (thanks mostly to Chick) on "Motion". Everything else is rather pretty and memorable, and everyone's playing is prime. Chick plays on 9 of the tracks, McLaughlin on 2, and they're only on 1 together. Still - it's a startling release in every way. Grab it if you see it; and if you see the CD release, I will do your dishes for 3 months in exchange.

L-R ~ Chick & John, Jack De Johnette, Dave Holland, Chick Corea

Here's a taste from youtube: