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Saturday, September 30, 2023

Playlist for 9-19-2023 - Extreme Chill Jazz

A set of extra relaxing jazz for those extra stressful days! Art Farmer, Gerry Mulligan, Chet Baker, Wes Montgomery, Victor Feldman, Miles Davis, MJQ and plenty more with limited announcing. The set starts out a bit quiet and grows louder so leave your volume settings at a normal setting. Originally mixed live on 9-19-2023. If you like these sets, follow me on Mixcloud to be notified of upcoming livestreams! Listen on the player below. Thank you for stopping by! - Kendo


Paul Desmond - "Embarcadero" - Take Ten (1963)

Wes Montgomery - "Trust In Me" - A Day In the Life (1967)

Victor Feldman - "Have a Heart" - Plays Everything In Sight (1967)

Walter Murphy - "Sunflower" Rhapsody In Blue (1977)

Jack Murphy - "All In Love Is Fair" - The Fourth Dimension (1974)

Chet Baker - "Tangerine" - She Was Too Good To Me (1974)

Gerry Mulligan - "What Is There To Say" - What IS There To Say (1959)

Modern Jazz Quartet with Laurindo Almeida- "One Note Samba" - Collaboration (1966)

Cal Tjader - "Similau" - Along Comes Cal (1967)

Blue Mitchell - "Mona's Mood" - The Thing to Do (1964)

Mongo Santamaria - "No Pises Mi Lagra" - Fuego (1973)

Grant Green - "Samba de Orfeu" - Iron City (1967)

Art Farmer - "Saudhade" - Something You Got (1977)

Bucky & John Pizzarelli - "Meditation" - Passionate Guitars (1997)

Herbie Mann - "Claudia Pie" - Muscle Shoals Nitty Gritty (1969)

Miles Davis - "Teo" - Someday My Prince Will Come (1961)

Image by Andrea Piacquadio.

Sunday, September 24, 2023

Jazz from 1973!


A show featuring jazz tracks that have reached the milestone of 50!

1973 was quite a year with Skylab, Watergate, Foreman vs Frazier, The Sears Tower, the designated hitter (!), US pulling out of Vietnam, The Godfather winning an Oscar, and Imelda Marcos buying her first pair of first lady shoes! Gene Krupa, Jim Croce and J.R.R. Tolkien passed away in 1973, as did Kid Ory, Edward G. Robinson, Pablo Picasso and Betty Grable.

Elvis Presley's "Aloha from Hawaii via Satellite" was seen in over 40 countries. The Midnight Special, Don Kirshner's Rock Concert and The King Biscuit Flower Hour all made their debut in 1973. The #1 song of the year (not surprisingly) was "Tie A Yellow Ribbon Round the Ole Oak Tree".  Cracklin' over your AM radio were singles like "Killing Me Softly With His Song", "You're So Vain", "Crocodile Rock", "Drift Away" and "Delta Dawn". Soft-rock band America
 won Best New Artist at the 15th Annual Grammy Awards. Gary Burton ("Alone at Last") and Freddie Hubbard ("First Light") won the jazz Grammys.

Some of the top-selling movies of 1973 were "The Sting", "The Exorcist", "Serpico", "Papillon" and "The Way We Were". Topping the tv ratings were "All In The Family", "The Waltons" and "Sanford and Son". A Big Mac was 65¢ and a chocolate shake was 35¢. A gallon of gas was 39¢. Tickets to the Superbowl were $15 (Dolphins>Redskins 14-7) .

The Monte Carlo won "Car of the Year" by Motor Trend, and a Mazda RX3 set you back $2,995. It took all 7 games for the Oakland A's to beat the Mets in the World Series. The best selling kids toy was Shrinky Dinks. The population of the world was 3.92 million, the population of Flagler County FL was 6,000; St. Johns was 35,901 (who was that "1"?).

Below is a tiny cross-section of jazz that was recorded in 1973. I have another show's worth and will likely do one more of these before the year is out. Sit back and enjoy jazz from 50 years ago in the player below, and thank you for stopping by! - Kendo

Ron Carter - "R2, M1" - Blues Farm (1973)

Kenny Burrell - "Both Feet On the Ground" - Both Feet On the Ground (1973)

Cal Tjader - "Tanga" - Primo (1973)

Keith Jarrett - "Still Life, Still Life" - Fort Yawuh (1973)

Herbie Mann - "Rainy Night in Georgia" - Turtle Bay (1973)

Al Cohn & Zoot Sims - "Momma Flosie" - Body and Soul (1973)

Herbie Mann - "A Whiter Shade of Pale" - London Underground (1973)

Grover Washington Jr. - "Trouble Man" - Soul Box Vol 1 (1973)

Don Sebesky - "Fly/Circles" - Giant Box (1973)

Stanley Turrentine - "Too Blue" - Don't Mess With Mister T (1973)

Donald Byrd - "Miss Kane" - Street Lady (1973)

McCoy Tyner - "Nebula (excerpt)" - Enlightment (1973)

George Benson - "Plum" - Body Talk (1973)

Mixed live on Mixcloud on 9-5-2023.

Tuesday, September 12, 2023

Playlist for 9-12-2023 WFCF - Mid-September Jazz!


Jazz recorded in the middle of September, chronologically!

Hour One:

Django Reinhardt - "Improvisation No. 2" - Souvenirs (9-10-1938)

Django Reinhardt - "Louise" - Souvenirs (9-10-1938)

Tiny Grimes - "Romance Without Finance" - Bird - The Savoy Recordings (9-15-1944)

Tiny Grimes - "Red Cross" - Bird - The Savoy Recordings (9-15-1944)

Charlie Parker - "Barbados" - Bird - The Savoy Recordings (9-18-1948)

Charlie Parker - "Ah-Leu_cha" - Bird - The Savoy Recordings (9-18-1948)

Lester Young - "Up 'N' Adam" - Lester Swings (9-17-1949)

Lester Young - "Polka Dots and Moonbeams" - Lester Swings (9-17-1949)

Zoot Sims - "Jane-O" - Tenor Sax Favorites (9-16-1950)

Zoot Sims - "Dancing In the Dark" - Tenor Sax Favorites (9-16-1950)

Miles Davis and The Lighthouse All-Stars - "Infinity Promenade" - At Last! (9-13-1953)

Lee Konitz - "Lee Tchee" - Plays (9-18-1953)

Hour Two:

Cal Tjader - "Fascinating Rhythm" - Tjader Plays Mambo (9-11-1954)

Barney Kessel - "Jeepers Creepers" - Kessel Plays Standards (9-12-1955)

Shelly Mann & His Men - "Grasshopper" - Vol 1 The West Coast Sounds (9-13-1955)

Shelly Mann & His Men - "Spring Is Here" - Vol 1 The West Coast Sounds (9-13-1955)

Dexter Gordon - "Confirmation" - Daddy Plays the Horn (9-18-1955)

Miles Davis - "'Round Midnight" - 'Round About Midnight (9-10-1956)

Maynard Ferguson - "The Wailing Boat" - Birdland Dream Band Vol 1 (9-11-1956)

Bud Powell - "Elegy" - Blues in the Closet (9-13-1956)

Nat King Cole - "I Was a Little Too Lonely" - After Midnight bonus track (9-14-1956)

Nat King Cole - "Just You, Just Me" - After Midnight (9-14-1956)

Cal Tjader - "Mambo at the 'M'" - Goes Latin (9-10-1957)

Hour Three:

          ~ The Break Room ~

John Coltrane - "Lazy Bird" - Blue Train (9-15-1957) The Ride Home!

Ernie Henry - "Autumn Leaves" - Last Chorus (9-15-1957)

Lambert, Hendricks & Ross - "Avenue C" - Sing a Song of Basie (9-16-1957)

Horace Silver - "The St. Vitus Dance, Melancholy Mood" - Blowin' the Blues Away (9-13-1959)

The Montgomery Brothers - "Jeannine" - In Canada (9-16-1961)

Coleman Hawkins - "I'm Looking Over a Four Leaf Clover" - Desafinado (9-12-1962)

Kenny Burrell - "" - Bluesy Burrell (9-14-1962)

Gary Burton - "Storm" - Who Is Gary Burton (9-14-1962)

Duke Ellington - "Fleurette African" - Money Jungle (9-17-1962)

Hour Four:

John Coltrane - "Up 'Gainst the Wall" - Impressions (9-18-1962)

Bobby Timmons - "Born to Be Blue" - Born to Be Blue (9-10-1963)

Roy Haynes - "I'm Getting Sentimental Over You" - Cymbalism (9-10-1963)

Sonny Stitt with Jack McDuff - "Soul Shack" - Soul Shack (9-17-1963)

Paul Desmond - "All Across the City" - Glad to be Unhappy bonus track (9-16-1964)

Lee Morgan - "Most Like Lee" - Cornbread (9-18-1965)

John Handy - "Spanish Lady" - Live at Monterey Jazz Festival (9-18-1965)

Kendo's Schedule September 2023

Hey All - I figured since I'm on a few different platforms this month I'd put a schedule of shows here for ease of use and access. Thanks to all who join me on the various shows!

  • 9/12 Tuesday 3-7pm eastern "Jazz Greats" on WFCF 88.5 FM and iHeart (with a break at 5)

  • 9/15 Friday 5-6pm eastern "The Soul Jazz Vinyl Show" livestream on Epix Radio.

  • 9/19 Tuesday 11am to 12:30pm "Jazzploration" on Mixcloud. This week we continue listening to jazz recorded in 1973.

  • 9/22 Friday 5-6pm eastern "The Soul Jazz Vinyl Show" livestream on Epix Radio.

  • 9/26 Tuesday 3-7pm eastern "Jazz Greats" on WFCF 88.5 FM and iHeart (with a break at 5)

  • 9/29 Friday 5-6pm eastern "The Soul Jazz Vinyl Show" livestream on Epix Radio. This is the last show on Epix Radio, who are shutting down October 1st. 

Images from 9-05-2023 livestream 1973 show.

Saturday, September 2, 2023

Playlist for 9-1-2023 - Soul Jazz Vinyl Show VI

An hour of delicious soulful jazz grooves from Melvin Sparks, Herb Alpert, Caspian, George Benson, Art Pepper, lots more! Originally mixed and hosted live on Epix Radio by yours truly. Listen in the player below! Thanks for stopping by - Kendo

Melvin Sparks - "Thank You (Falettin' Me Be Mice Elf Again) - Sparks! (1970)

Herb Alpert - "Rotation" - Rise (1980)

Caspian - "OtoƱo Perpetuo" - Om Lounge 4 (2000)

Walter Murphy - "Fish Legs" - Rhapsody in Blue (1977)

Wilbert Longmire - "Starflight" - Sunny Side Up (1978)

Joe Farrell - "Disco Dust" - La Catedral y El Torro (1977)

Art Pepper - "Diane" - The Art Pepper Quartet (1956)

Lalo Schifrin - "Frances Theme" - Towering Toccata (1976)

George Benson - "Thunder Walk" - Giblet Gravy (1967)

Lonnie Smith - "Love Bowl" - Live at Club Mozambique (1970)

Image by Armin Rimoldi.