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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Desert Isle Pick 1

A Go Go cover - Verve Records

 John Scofield - A Go Go

Not sure what I can say about this record to help you grasp the sound - for me it was the sound of winter 1998-99. With Medeski, Martin & Wood, Scofield may have found his pinnacle of expression. Yes, there's the irresistible funk grooves, the ridiculous empathy of MMW, the wonderful variety of Medeski's Hammond, and occasionally that wild stereo chorus guitar sound we always wait for; but Scofield seems also to be completely free to dig way in to his inner self and bend, groan & grind it out on the strings. Composition-ally, he hits a mark so rare in jazz or any music, simplicity with profundity. 

I was first introduced to this album via a Verve sampler called "Guitarism", a bonus feature in some magazine. It's filled with jazz guitar all-stars, but the humorous, chilled "Boozer" stood out by a mile for me. A Go Go topped off my favs list for years (now it wrestles with 1 or 2 others). There's gripping urgency (Hottentot), enigmatic spookiness (Kubrick, Deadzy), marvelous, relaxed soul (Jeep on 35, Southern Pacific) knock-out funk (Chank, A Go Go) and an overall intimate, personable feel (Green Tea, Chicken Dog).

If you love improvised music beyond hard-bop, this record is a must. - DJ Kendo