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Thursday, July 30, 2015

InstaCollection - Current Dreamy Vocal Numbers

InstaCollection! - start or freshen up your jazz collection with Kendo recommends! Buy downloads for your phone/pc using the handy links or just load the titles into your favorite music streaming service!

This week's additions focus on dreamy jazzy vocal ballads from newer releases,
Annie Lennox
Photo by Mike Owen
ones that I happen to spin a lot on the shows. La Lucha's "The Way You Look Tonight" is simply stunning, reharmonized but with reverence for the melody and lyrics, and profound performances from both vocalist Jun and pianist John C. O'Leary III. You may not have heard of them, but I consider this an essential recording. Diana Krall's "I'm Not In Love" also shows respect for the original recording by 70's band 10cc, but with modern emotion and a breathtaking production. Hardly jazz... but great music! It's hard to pick just one cut from Annie Lennox's "Nostalgia" album, but her heart-on-sleeve crooning for "You Belong to Me" is gripping and the arrangement is fresh & lush; this album also wonderfully recorded. Ah - I just realized these are all love songs. Always a plus! Enjoy!! - Kendo


Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Playlist for 7-28-2014 WFCF - Jazz Greats!

"Galaxy Piano" - Lambieb123 (Laura)
Visit the artist's website!

No theme, just a bunch of cool people I found on my Twitter followers page! Turning out to be a fine show! Tune in by clicking here. See you there! - Kendo

Hour One:

Zach Bartholomew Trio - "Stop and Go" - Out of This Town (2012)

Jacky Terrason - "Take Five" - Take This (2014)

    3:15 Jazz Coffee Break

La Lucha - "Don't Talk" - La Lucha (2012)

Greg Little - "Late Night Tea" - Dreamwalker (2003)

Alfredo Rodriguez - "Quizas, Quizas, Quizas" - Invasion Parade (2013)

Harvey Mason - "Montara" - Chameleon (2013)

Arturo O'Farrill - "Mercado en Domingo" - The Offense of the Drum (2013)

Jill Wofsey - "Wouldn't It Be Loverly" - I'm Flying (2005)

Lynne Arriale - "Evidence" - Solo (2011)

Hour Two:

Elias Haslanger - "Adam's Apple" - Live at the Gallery (2013)

Brigitte Zarie - "Where There Is Love" - L'amour (2013)

Eric Reed - "Manhattan Melodies" - Groovewise (2014)

Quincy Jones - "One Note Samba" - Big Band Bossa Nova (1962)

Matthew Kaminski - "Turn to Stone" - Swingin' On the New Hammond (2013)
Randy Johnston!

Randy Johnston - "Garden State" - People Music (2011)

Peter Zak - "The Disciple" - The Disciple (2013)

Eli Bennett - "Step On It" - Breakthrough ()

{background music "Joe Harnell - "The Asphalt Jungle" - The Asphalt Jungle}

Hour Three:

Larry Coryell - "Tyrone" - Planet End (1969) Ride Home!

Allison Paris - "Crazy He Calls Me" - Second Chances (2003)

Emanuele Coluccia - "Dexter" - Jazzlito (1999)

Chris Higginbottom - "The Wide Open" - Where Lands End ()

Brianna Thomas - "Don't Be That Way" - You Must Believe In Love (2013)

Rez Abbasi Acoustic Quartet - "Butterfly" - Intents and Purposes (2014)
tasteful drummer Matt Kane

Jason Miles/Ingrid Jensen - "Super City" - Kind of New (2014)

Hour Four:

Matt Kane Trio - "Big Six" - Suit Up! (2013)

Judy Wexler - "Tomorrow Is Another Day" - What I See (2013)

Jacques Lesure - "Grantgomery" - Camaraderie (2014)

Cassandra Wilson - "I'll Be Seeing You" - Coming Forth By Day (2014)

George Cables - "After The Morning" - In Good Company (2015)

Aimee Allen - "My Romance" - Matter of Time New Jazz (2014)

Heads of State - "Search For Peace" - Search For Peace (2015)

New Jazz

New Jazz

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Long-Ass Car Ride Review! - Sam Boshnack, Adam Schroeder

Long-Ass Car Ride Reviews: I take long-ass car rides, I listen to entire albums, I
Adam Schroeder
let you know if they're worthwhile.

This week's albums have nice, unusual sound combinations, careful arrangements and a welcome sense of fun!

Sam Boshnack Quintet - Exploding Syndrome (2014) - 7/10

Samantha Boshnack - trumpet, flugelhorn; Beth Fleenar - clarinet, bass clarinet; Dawn Clement - piano, wurlitzer, keyboards; Isaac Castillo -- upright bass; Max Wood - drums, percussion

In a word: remarkable

The album starts off in a positive, fun mood and gradually descends into heaviness and seriousness. This is, after all, chamber jazz. The unique, singable repeated melodies in the first couple of cuts are selling points, and the playing is very strong at times. These are very, very well groomed compositions with fun twists and turns; the players obviously love the music; all originals penned by Boshnack. The sounds and instrument combinations are almost always delightful. The best cut is "Suite for Seattle's Royal Court Movement 1"'; "Juba" and "Dormant" also are ear/brain pleasers. The album lost a point for the slowly building headiness and especially for the crazed vocal moment in the title track (the only actual "exploding" on the cd) it's rather ridiculously out of place and disconcerting, it briefly ruins the otherwise superb vibe. Still - this is fresh and vital music performed exuberantly. Looking for something different and satisfying - this is it.

Adam Schroeder - Let's (2013) 8/10

Adam Schroeder - baritone sax, Anthony Wilson - guitar, John Clayton - bass, Jeff Hamilton - drums

In a word - remarkable

With one of the best baritone sax sounds on earth - it's hard not to thoroughly enjoy this release, with the killer Clayton/Hamilton rhythm section in peak form, and the striking combo of guitar and bari, Anthony Wilson being the perfect foil for Schroeder in every way. Much of the album has a playful and lighthearted mood, thanks to selections like Duke Pearson's "Hello Bright Sunflower" and the old standard "Wrap Your Troubles in Dreams". There are some unusual and striking surprises like Sam Coslow's "In the Middle of a Kiss" and Thad Jone's title track. Adam Schroeder is also blessed with sheer musicality; he's always saying something, and often just enough, only breaking into bebop staple licks (very well executed) on the burner "A Hawkeye, a Hoosier & Two Call Cats". The ballads are lovely and meaningful. The best tune is a Schroeder original - the funky and fun "Just Clap Your Hands", written for his daughter. Great jazz in the new millennium - you will enjoy this one.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Playlist for 7-21-2015 WFCF - Jazz Greats!

"Yellow and Black" - Nicola Terlizzi
Visit the artists website!

No theme today just some favorite tracks, cuts from recently acquired albums and a few requests! Tune in for the best jazz in my collection starting at 3pm today (Tuesday 7/21). Listen online by clicking here. Say hi on Twitter! See you then - Kendo

Hour One:

Heads of State - "Impressions" - Search for Peace (2015)

Cecile McLorin Salvant - "Fog" - For One To Love (2015)

    3:15 Jazz Coffee Break

Charlie Haden/Gonzalo Rubalcaba - "Sandino" - Tokyo Adagio (2015)

Alfredo Rodriguez - "Veinte AƱos" - The Invasion Parade (2013)

Etta James - "At Last" - At Last (1960)

Ella Fitzgerald - "Cheek to Cheek" - (1958)

Michael Brecker - "Slings and Arrows" - Tales from the Hudson (1996)
good set from Harry

Harry Connick Jr - "Won't You Come Home, Bill Bailey" - Oh, My NOLA (2006)

Sam Boshnack Quintet - "Juba" - Exploding Syndrome (2013)

Diana Krall - "I Remember You" - The Look of Love (2001)

Johnny Conquett - "Cry Cry Baby" -  (195?)

Hour Two:

Art Blakey – “For Minors Only” – Hard Drive (1957)

Annie Lennox - "Summertime" - Nostalgia (2014)

Adam Schroeder - "Hello Bright Sunflower" - Let's (2013)  

Tom Lagana Group - "Nature Boy" - featuring George Garzone Vol 1 (2013)

Freddie Hubbard - "Super Blue" - Super Blue (1978)

Shirley Horn - "That Old Black Magic" - With Horns (1963)

Wayne Wallace Latin Jazz Quintet - "Casa Del Sol" - Intercambio (2015)

Cassandra Wilson - "Crazy He Calls Me" - Coming Forth By Day (2014)

Hour Three:

Hank Mobley - "No Room for Squares" - No Room For Squares (1963) Ride Home!

Lee Konitz - "Sound-Lee" - Subconscious-Lee (1949)
classic from Diana

Russell Malone - "Amsterdam After Dark" - Love Looks Good On You (2014)

Jose James - "What a Little Moonlight Can Do" - Yesterday I Had the Blues (2014)

Art Pepper - "Junior Cat" - The Trip (1976)

Cal Tjader - "Money Penny Goes For Broke" - Sounds Out Burt Bacharach (1968)

Matthew Kaminski - "Kylu" - Swingin' On the New Hammond (2013)

Roberto Fonseca – “El Sonador esta Consado” – Yo (2011)


Hour Four:

Herbie Mann – “Memphis Underground” – Memphis Underground (1969)

Dave Brubeck Quartet – “Blue Rondo a la Turk” – Time Out (1959)

Barney Kessel – “Laura” – Summertime in Montreux (1973)

New Jazz

Soul Mann and the Brothers – “Bumpy’s Blues” – Shaft (1971)

New jazz



Miles Davis – “Straight No Chaser” – Milestones (1958)

Friday, July 17, 2015

InstaCollection - That Sound!

InstaCollection! - start or freshen up your jazz collection with Kendo recommends! Buy downloads for your phone/pc using the handy links or just load the titles into your favorite music streaming service!

circa 1965 photo: Francis Wolff
These are 3 Blue Note recordings from 1964, 1965 & 1966, respectively, that feature Bobby Hutcherson on vibes - a regular at the label who brought freshness and a distinguishing mood to their catalog; defining a big part of the sixties mainstream jazz sound in the process. "Somewhere in the Night" is a mellow swing number with a very appealing melody. Grant Green sounds inspired by the heavy company: Larry Young, Elvin Jones and Hutcherson! Dexter Gordon's irresistible "Le Coiffeur" is one of his best; a perky quasi-cha-cha that has Bobby front and center and a great groove from drummer Billy Higgins. "Maiden Voyage" is from Bobby's own classic "Happenings" album, and sports the composer Herbie Hancock on an atmospheric, gently driving version of this great composition!

Grant Green - "Somewhere In the Night"
Dexter Gordon - "Le Coiffeur"
Bobby Hutcherson - "Maiden Voyage"

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Long-Ass Car Ride Review! Peter Bernstein, Chris Kelsey/Dom Minasi

Long-Ass Car Ride Reviews: I take long-ass car rides, I listen to albums, I let you know if they are worthwhile.

Peter Bernstein with the Tilden Webb Trio - Live at Cory Weeds' Cellar Jazz Club (2012) 7.25/10

In a word - satisfying

The album begins slightly ho-hum with the only original in the set: "Bones", a commonplace blues head. On the heels of that is the cd's standout track "Darn That Dream". Yep. It's a Cellar Live label release of straight-aheadness. Peter Bernstein's sincerity and quest for harmonic expression make this particular one quite worthwhile, and the trio is very supportive. Standard after standard receive Bernstein's full emotional commitment and technical expertise. "Darn That Dream" shows off his luscious guitar tones and constant stream of solid ideas that please and fascinate. "Love For Sale" features several very fine choruses, the final chordal one is especially fine. "Wise One" was a great choice to offset the warhorses, but would've fared better without the McCoy-isms and Elvin-isms. "Come Rain or Come Shine" sports the best solo from competent and swinging pianist Tilden Webb. Bassist Jodi Proznick takes a lengthy turn in "Django" and drummer Jesse Cahill finally gets some in "What Is This Thing Called Love", but mostly the unit does a great job in letting Bernstein shine, giving him plenty of comfort while he lets loose. Well played live jazz!


Chris Kelsey & Dom Minasi - Duets|NYC/Woodstock (2014) 6.25/10

In a word - Braxtony

The cons: First off - completely free jazz is not my bag. Seriously, whose bag is it? If it's yours, you can add another 2 points to the rating. Truth: the layman off the street won't be able to distinguish the middle of one track from the middle of another. There is nothing "new" here, it could easily be a recording from 1965. Finally - I think Dom Minasi is a great guitarist. It's hard to tell from the sound he emits on this release. Think Joe Cinderella on vinyl circa 1957, your stylus is shot and there's a healthy wad of dust under it, plus someone draped an old tee shirt over one of the speakers. About midway thru the album I got a slight headache coincidentally on the same side as Minasi's guitar is panned.
The pros:
I never felt compelled to turn the cd off. Chris Kelsey is quite the gifted soprano saxophonist (highly evidenced during the last minute of the opener "Fondness & Trepidation"). His tone is great and both artists cover most of the emotional spectrum allowed by this sort of music. The necessary empathy between players is in abundance. The tunes (if I may use that word) are never boring and more often than not engaging (they can in fact be distinguished one from the other). The shorter cuts work best. "Tip Toe" was my favorite, and "Blues Ultimatum" and "That Ain't the Blues" are also highlights. If you are in the mood for this sort of thing, it will be a fine listen.

Playlist for 7-14-2015 WFCF - Jazz Greats!

I got some of the playlist done today! (I've been a little distracted lately, can you tell?) Nonetheless - there's a lot more cd in my bag, and I inherited more vinyl last week - we'll be digging into that, including original pressings of "The Best of Bethlehem" and a Pacific Jazz sampler! Lots of new jazz and plenty of variety... tune in via iHeart by clicking here. Say hi or follow the show on Twitter! See you then - Kendo

Hour One:

Jeff Rupert - "The Norfolk Southern RR" - From Memphis to Mobile (2009)
great playing by Jeff & Kenny Drew Jr!

Gonzalo Rubalcaba - "Bouncin' With Bud" - Diz (1993)

    3:15 Jazz Coffee Break

Allison Paris - "Don't Blame Me" - Second Chances (2003)

Teddy Charles - "The Quiet Time" - The Teddy Charles Tentet (1956)

Dinah Washington - "I Remember You" - What a Diff'rence a Day Makes (1959)

Peter Bernstein - "Darn That Dream" - With The Tilden Webb Trio (2012)

Cassandra Wilson - "Billie's Blues" - Coming Forth by day (2014)

Cory Weeds - "'Snuff" - Condition Blue (2014)

Aimee Allen - "Out of the Blue" - Matter of Time (2014)

Hour Two:

Larry Young - "Monk's Dream" - Unity (1965)
Forward-looking recordings - what a band!

Art Tatum - "I'll See You In My Dreams" - Solo Masterpieces Volume Two (1953)

Wayne Shorter - "Go" - Schizophrenia (1967)

Larry Young - "The Moontrane" - Unity (1965)

Jeff "Tain" Watts - "May 15, 2011" -- Blue Vol. 1 (2014)

Jason Miles - "Seeing Through the Rain" - Kind of New (2014)

Johnny Smith - "Jaguar" - Moonlight in Vermont (1952)

Gabor Szabo - "Witchcraft" - Spellbinder (1966)

Michael Petrovich - "Bella Luna" - Bella Luna (2012)

Hour Three:

Grant Green - "More Today Than Yesterday" - Live at Club Mozambique (1971) - Ride Home!

Chris Washburne & the Syotos Band - "Get Up, Stand Up" - Low Ridin' (2014)

Harold Mabern (with Kurt Elling) - "You Needed Me" - Afro Blue (2014)

Jose James - "Tenderly" - Yesterday I Had the Blues (2014)

Art Blakey - "Calling Miss Khadija" - Indestructable (1964)
solid, of course!

Rez Abbasi Acoustic Quartet - "Black Market" - Intents and Purposes (2014)

O Som Do Jazz - "Batucada" - A Kiss For Rio (2013)

Frank Sinatra - "Quiet Nights of Quiet Stars" - At Last: Francis Albert Sinatra & Antonio Carlos Jobim (1967)

Hour Four:

Pointer Sisters - "Cloudburst" - Pointer Sisters (1973)
Thelonious Monk - "Work" - Thelonious Monk Plays (1953)

Sarah Vaughan - East of the Sun" - In HiFi (compilation)

David Sanborn - "Can't Get Next To You" - Time and the River (2014)

Wes Montgomery - "Days of Wine and Roses" - Boss Guitar (1963)

Brother Jack McDuff - "Gin and Orange" - Gin and Orange (1969)

Urbie Green - "Mutation" - Bethlehem's Best (comp)

Don Elliott - "Summer Setting" - Bethlehem's Best (comp)

Julie London - "Motherless Child" - Bethlehem's Best (comp)

Dan Jordan - "Modinha" - Pure Joy (2015)

Maria Schneider Orchestra - "The Thompson Fields" - The Thompson Fields (2014)


Sunday, July 12, 2015

Instacollection! - Music for Insomniacs!

InstaCollection! - start or freshen up your jazz collection with Kendo recommends! Buy downloads for your phone/pc using the handy links or just load the titles into your favorite music streaming service!

This week's recommends are four long, evolving tracks that are especially good for late night listening by those who are trying to sleep but can't. Interesting enough to fight the boredom and overthinking, but dreamy enough to let you nod off when it's time!

Stan Getz - "Times Lie"
Freddie Hubbard - "Sky Dive"
Miles Davis - "Bag's Groove"
Hal McKusick - "I'm Glad There Is You"


ps - another great cut for late night listening is Miles Davis' "Tout de Suite". It's not available online as an independent track, but you can program it into your streaming playlist :)

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Long-Ass Car Ride Review! - Gloria Estefan, MARS 4-Tet

Long-Ass Car Ride Review: I take long-ass car rides, I listen to albums, I let you know if they're worthwhile.

Gloria Estefan - The Standards (2013) 6.25/10

in a word: suitable

I was not expecting to like this at all...were you? lol Surprisingly, this is a decent album. Her voice has aged well and is nicely suited to most of the material. Sinatra she is not, but the lyrics are internalized in her usual fashion (just enough), going for beauty more often than drama. There are even moments when you will be slightly impressed, she can be wonderfully precise on her approach. All of the readings are competent and enjoyable. She doesn't reach beyond here stylistic limitations, but rather works with what she has and pulls it off. The arrangements are by Shelly Berg, so the harmonies keep the otherwise innocuous backdrops interesting. The playing is competent but no soloist really soars. Estefan sounds best (of course) on the tracks with Latin rhythms (Eu Sie Que Vou Te Amar in particular is well done) but really all the tracks work fine but for one: the jazziest and oddly arranged "How Long Has This Been Going On". Highlights include "Good Morning Heartache", "The Way You Look Tonight" and "Young At Heart". It's mellow, for sure, but it's nice.

MARS 4-Tet - The Blind Watchmaker (2014) 7.25/10

In a word: peaceful

Although the album is bookended by playfulness; a fun, inventive spin on Thelonious Monk's "Bye Ya" and a more chaotic and reinvented "Black Dog" (Led Zeppelin), the majority of this album has a mellow, slightly spacy jazz rock air to it; due in part to the rounder guitar sound Donato Soveiro favors (although he does employ a sweet rock tone here and there) as well as a superb mix. Everyone plays just fine, and this band functions very well as a unit. The standout track by far is saxophonist Jeff Antoniuk's moody and dreamy "Suddenly". The two Americana-flavored cuts also are pretty hip, Antoniuk's gospel-esque "Cowboy" and a fine reading of Keith Jarrett's "Country". No clunkers on the disc, and Soveiro's "Rudy's Blues" throws in a nice bit of contrasting straight-ahead feel. Overall, the originals by Antoniuk and Soveiro that dominate the set are unique, hypnotic, often easy on the ears and executed with taste and appeal. Good jazz!


Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Playlist for 7-7-2015 WFCF - Wingin' It!

"Peppers" - Nicola Terlizzi
Visit the artists website!

 Wingin' it! Having a blast, too! Tune in until 7pm EDT tonight by clicking here. - Kendo

Hour One:Chris Washburne & the Syotos Band - "Low Rider" - Low Ridin' (2014)

Chris Washburne & the Syotos Band - "Walk On the Wild Side" - Low Ridin' (2014)

          3:15 Jazz Coffee Break

Gloria Estefan - "Good Morning Heartache" - The Standards (2013)

Mars 4-tet - "Suddenly" - The Blind Watchmaker (2013)

Anita O'Day - "Come Rain or Come Shine" - ??

Donald Fagen - "Slinky Thing" - Sunken Condos (2012)

Grant Green - "Dracula" - Green is Beautiful (1970)

Chick Corea & Return to Forever - "You're Everything" - Light as a Feather (1972)

Monty Alexander - "You Are My Sunshine" - Uplift2 Higher (2012)

Cyrus Chestnut - "Gloria's Step" - A Million Colors In Your Mind (2014)

Hour Two:

Gary Burton - "Brownout" - The New Quartet (1973)

Natalie Cole - "Nice 'n' Easy" - Still Unforgettable (2008)

Cassandra Wilson - "Strange Fruit" - Coming Forth By Day (2014)

Terrell Stafford - "Yes I Can, No You Can't" - Brotherlee Love (2014)

Chris Washburne & the Syotos Band - "Manic Depression" - Low Ridin' (2014)

Steve Wilson & Lewis Nash - "Monk Medley Pt. 2" - Duologue (2013)

Annie Lennox - "I Put a Spell On You" - Nostalgia (2014)

Fred Hersch and Julian Lage - "Free Flying" - Free Flying (2013)

Jason Miles & Ingrid Jensen - "Close to the Action" - Kind of New (2014)

Quincy Davis - "Ponder This" - Songs in the Key of Q ()

Hour Three:

Miles Davis - "Milestones" - Highlights from the Plugged Nickel (1965) Ride Home!

Harold Mabern (with Norah Jones) - "Don't Misunderstand" - Afro Blue (2014)

John Scofield - "Boozer" - A Go Go (1998)

Jose James - "Tenderly" - Yesterday I Had the Blues (2014)

Eric Reed - "Rhythm-a-ning" - The Baddest Monk (2011)

Duke Ellington - "Fleurette Africaine" - Money Jungle (1962)

Dan Jordan - "Triste" - Pure Joy (2015)

Julie London - "Cry Me a River" - Julie Is Her Name (1955)

Dizzy Gillespie - "Swing Low Sweet Cadillac" (1950)

Ella Fitzgerald - "Rocks in My Bed" - Sings the Duke Ellington Song Book (1957)

Cal Tjader/Carmen McRae - "Do Nothing Til You Hear from Me" - Heat Wave (1982)

Hour Four:

Robert Glasper - "I Don't Even Care" - Covered (2014)

Aaron Diehl - "Flux Capacitor" - Space Time Continuum (2014)

Michel Camilo - "City of Angels" - On the Other Hand (1990)

Johnny Hartman - "Almost Like Being In Love" - Unforgettable ()

Lynne Arriale - "Here Comes the Sun" - Convergence (2010)

Santo & Johnny - "Sleepwalk" - Sleepwalk (1959)

Joni Mitchell - "Both Sides Now" - Both Sides Now (1999)

George Cables - "Inner Glow" - CablesVision (1979)

Jim Hall - "Concierto de Aranjuez" - Concierto (1975) CTI Moment

Saturday, July 4, 2015

InstaCollection - July 4th!!

Starting another new thing here on the blog - "Instacollection"! Pretty much recommends for those who are either new to jazz or just want some fresh music in their lives. Buy downloads for your phone/pc from the link or just look the titles up on your favorite music service!

Since it's July 4th - here are some American themed selections. Carl Saunders version of "America the Beautiful" is exceptionally inspiring and swings, Metheny's "American Garage" is an uplifting classic and Bill Evans "Washington Twist" is inventive and fun trio stuff - a perenial favorite for me on Independence Day! Enjoy! - Kendo