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Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Playlist for 3-3-2020 WFCF - 1969 and 1996!

1996 live recording featuring 3 giants from 3 jazz generations.

For today's show we explored what was happening in jazz in 1969 (Quincy Jones, Bill Evans, Tony Williams Lifetime, Brother Jack McDuff...) and in 1996 (Bill Watrous Big Band, Lee Konitz, Brad Mehldau, Andy McKee, TJ Kirk...) and heard some quality tracks from the new jazz shelf! You can listen to a portion of the show below. Thanks to all who tuned in, and thank you for stopping by! - Kendo

Hour One:

Michel Camilo - "Poinciana" - Thru My Eyes (1996)

Emie R Roussel Trio - "Yatse Club" - Rythme de Passage (2019)*

             3:15 Jazz Coffee Break

Gina Kronstadt - "A Simple Man" - October Comes Too Soon (2019)*
1996 Mehldau still sounds fresh.

Brad Mehldau - "I Fall In Love Too Easily" - The Art of the Trio Vol 1 (1996)

Quincy Jones - "Love and Peace" - Walking In Space (1969) CTI Moment

Freddie Hubbard - "Coral Keys" - The Black Angel (1969)

David Newman - "Amandla" - Under a Woodstock Moon (1996)

Alex Levin Trio - "A Sunday Kind of Love" - A Sunday Kind of Love (2019)

Hour Two:

Bill Evans Trio - "Who Can I Turn To" - You're Gonna Hear From Me (1969)

Jeremy Pelt - "Ebony Moonbeams" - The Art of Intimacy Vol 1 (2019)*

Andy McKee and NEXT - "All Blues" - Root Down (1996)

Marlena Shaw - "Out of This World" - Dangerous (1996)
Burton's band transitioning in 1969...

Gary Burton - "Arise, Her Eyes" - Throb (1969)

Gary Burton - "Prime Time" - Throb (1969)

Gary Burton - "Throb" - Throb (1969)

Jenny Davis - "And What If I Don't" - Rearranged (2019)*

Elsa Nilsson - "Changed In Mid Air" - Hindsight (2019)

Hour Three:

            ~ Flagler Footnotes ~

Grant Green - "Upshot" - Funk in France (1970) - The Ride Home!

Herbie Mann - "Flying" - Stone Flute (1969)

Bill Watrous - "Space Available" - Space Available (1996)
Jackie in '96 with a very creative pianist.

Jackie McLean & Junko Onishi - "Bag's Groove" - Hat Trick (1996)

Lee Konitz, Brad Mehldau, Charlie Haden - "Cherokee" - Alone Together (1996)

Hour Four:

Michael Zilber - "Joshua" - East West Music for Big Bands (2018)*

T.J. Kirk - "Stomping Grounds/Untitled Instrumental/Green Chimneys" - If Four Was One (1996)

Brother Jack McDuff - "Get It Up" - Gin and Orange (1969)

Grant Green - "I Don't Want Nobody To Give Me Nothing (Open Up the Door I'll Get It Myself)" - Carryin' On (1969)

The Tony Williams Lifetime - "Vashkar" - Emergency! (1969)
1969 Tony - Powerful sounds in an era of change.

Brother Jack McDuff - "Gin and Orange" - Gin and Orange (1969)

Herbie Mann - "Ooh, Baby" - Live at the Whiskey A Go Go (1969)

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Retro Review - Freddie Hubbard "Ride Like the Wind"

Freddie Hubbard "Ride Like the Wind" (recorded 1981)

Score: 2/5
It may appear I'm shooting fish in a barrel for this one, but in my defense I approve of albums others disdain, and I'm frequently at odds with the chaps over at Allmusic, whose occasionally scary opinions seem to hold much weight in jazzlandia.

First, let it briefly be said that there will never be another trumpet player as good as Freddie Hubbard in his prime. There is no adjective to describe just how impossibly good he was, from tone to technique. Secondly, this album was recorded live to two tracks. For that, it sounds really good, and the performances are exceptionally tight from the orchestra and brass sections.

Track by Track (briefly):

"Hubbard's Cupboard" is one of three originals by the album's arranger and conductor Allyn Ferguson. All three are largely mediocre. At times, Ferguson seems to be trying to channel the ghost of Isaac Hayes' writing on the "Shaft" soundtrack. Overall not bad, not great, just kinda fun.

"This Is It" (yes the Kenny Loggins hit) suffers from a tepid arrangement, odd register choices for (or by) Hubbard and a faster tempo. Without the motivational lyrics, it is not a well suited instrumental and is the album's clinker.

Ferguson's soul ballad "Condition Alpha" is the best of his three. No memorable melody here, but the vibe is quite nice and Freddie throws in an exceptional and extended acrobatic solo. Again, the strings during this solo hearken of "Shaft"; in a good way.

"Ride Like the Wind" starts out rather tamely, but Freddie digs in from his solo onward. Ferguson oddly makes us wait for that killer refrain ("bah-dah-dah-dup...) and I kind of like that he did that. That said, the orchestra is strangely laid back on them; and even more sadly, Freddie's obvious inspiration during the last refrain gets faded out immediately. Still, his fire makes this the stand out track.

Side two opens with "Birdland", a composition that many arrangers have difficulty pulling away from every note of the original Weather Report version. Ferguson also succumbs, but he at least tries to alter here and there. Another good solo from Hubbard and some decent energy from the brass lift this track up a bit; but it's still not something you're gonna share with friends or post on social media.

Then we are confronted with yet another version of Hubbard's ballad "Brigitte". Even he sounds a bit tired of it (the best version can be found on the 1973 album "Keep Your Soul Together"). Ferguson choice to make the "hook" into an awkward fusion samba literally takes all the punch out of it. The ending sounds like a justifiably exasperated sigh.

Ferguson's "Two Moods For Freddie" borrows so much from "I Remember Clifford" that it's disappointing when you discover that it isn't. Things do get cooking a bit (another fusion samba) with Freddie's improvisation, and thankfully trombonist Bill Watrous gets a brief solo as well.

So all in all, if you spot a good copy for $1 (I got mine for $3) and you're either curious or just love every note Freddie plays, then pick it up. Otherwise, forget about this one guilt free.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Playlist for 5-7-2013 WFCF - Jazz Greats

Well, it's been a crazy week of music for me - thanks to some great guys who handed me or mailed me some serious amounts of vinyl & digital. Birthday bounty is around the corner, too - not sure how I can absorb all the tunes, but I'm sure gonna try. Swedish folk jazz! Hoo boy. Some of it was good! This weeks show had a laid back feel with a few seriously chill sets. Hope you had fun like I did! Thanks for stopping by - DJ Kendo

Hour One:

Doug Carn – “New Incentive” – A New Incentive: Firm Roots (2001)

Chris Walden Big Band – “Someday My Prince Will Come” – No Bounds (2005)

    3:15 Jazz Coffee Break

Sarah Vaughan – “Misty” – Vaughan and Violins (1958)

Django Reinhardt – “Nuages” – Essential (1949)

Dinah Washington – “What a Difference a Day Makes” – What a Difference a Day Makes! (1959)

Cal Tjader – “Bilbao Song” – Soul Burst (1966) featured album for May

Don Patterson – “Whistle While You Work” – These Are Soulful Days (1974)

Gerry Mulligan – “Varsity Drag” -  Gerry Mulligan With Chet Baker And Buddy DeFranco (recorded 60 years ago today on 5/7/1953)

Dave Brubeck Quartet – “World’s Fair” – Time Changes (1963)

Lighthouse Little Big Band – “Under Lock and Key” – Lighthouse Little Big Band (2012)

Miles Davis – “Bitty Ditty” – Quintet/Sextet (1955)

Hour Two:

Hubert Laws – “Where is the Love” – Morning Star (1972) - 4:34 CTI Moment

Jack McDuff – “Gin and Orange” – Gin and Orange (1969)

Jason Marsalis - "My Joy" - In a World of Mallets (2013)

Katie Bull - "Strange" - Love Spook (2004)

Lee Konitz - "Duet for Saxophone and Guitar" - The New Sound (1951)

Jack Pierson - "I Love You" - Live in the City (2012)

Molly Ringwald - "I Get Along Without You Very Well" - Except Sometimes (2013)

Cory Weeds/Bill Coon Quartet - "Broadway and Alma" - With Benefits (2013)

Joshua Redman - "Infant Eyes" - Walking Shadows (2013)

Alan Broadbent – “Hello My Lovely” – Heart to Heart (2013)

Hour Three:

Cal Tjader – “Soul Burst (Guajera)” – Soul Burst (1966) featured album for May

Randy Johnston – “Humpty Dumpty” – People Music (2011)
Katie Bull – “Strange” – Love Spook (2004)

Bill Watrous – “Just in Time” – Live at the Blue Note (1998)

LaRue Nickelson - "Labyrinthitus" - Labyrinthitus (2010)

Wayne Brasel – “Tanzanian Sky” – Tanzanian Sky Project (200?)

Jan Johansson - "Stolt Karin" - Musick Genom fyra sekler me Jan Johansson (1968)

Sonny Rollins - "Sonnymoon for Two" - A Night at the Village Vanguard (1957) poll winner!

Hour Four:

Joe Farrell – “Molten Glass” – Joe Farrell Quartet (1970)

La Lucha - "Don't Talk" - La Lucha (2012)

Sonny Criss - "All Night Long" - Crisscraft (1975) WFCF Vinyl

Pat Metheny – “American Garage” – American Garage (1979)

Sergio Mendes & Brazil '66 - ”So Many Stars” – Look Around (1968)

Bad Plus – “Frog and Toad” – Give (2003)

Barbara Morrison - "I'm Just a Lucky So and So" - A Sunday Kind of Love (2013)

Freddie Hubbard – “You’re a Weaver of Dreams” – Ready for Freddie (1961)

Chris Greco Quartet - "Oliver" - Trane of Thought (1994)

Melton Mustafa - "Windstorm" - The Traveling Man (2012)


Below are some purchase links for randomly selected albums featured on this show. Build up your library with great jazz!!

Monday, January 28, 2013

Playlist for 1-29-2013 WFCF - Jazz Greats

"Without a Net" show - where I don't bring music to the station, but instead choose from the magnificent library of cds and vinyl that WFCF boasts. Some very enjoyable moments including Organik Vibe Trio, Bill Watrous, Vanguard Jazz Orchestra and Claire Daly Quartet!

I plan on doing this type of show anytime there is a 5th Tuesday in the month - just to show off the hard work our jazz director has done over the years, and to delve into the vast collection of jazz vinyl the station has acquired. Thanks for tuning in! - DJ Kendo

Hour One:

Organik Vibe Trio - "So In Love" - Moscow (2012)

Sarah Vaughan - "So Many Stars" - Send in the Clowns (comp.)
3:15 Jazz Coffee Break

Anita O’Day – “Easy Living” – Incomparable! (1964)

Chick Corea – “Friends” – Friends (1978)

Rez Abassi Trio - "Divided Attention" - Continuous Beat (2012)

Airto – "Creek (Arroio)" – Free (1972) CTI Moment

Bill Watrous - "Zip City" - Manhattan Wildlife Refuge (1974)

LaVerne Butler - "Travelin' Light" - Love Lost and Found Again (2012)

Louis Armstrong - "St. Louis Blues" - Celebrating the Best of Jazz (comp.)

Hour Two:

Vanguard Jazz Orchestra - "Say It Softly" - Monday Night Live at the Village Vanguard (2008)

Chet Baker - "How Long Has This Been Going On" - Chet Plays for Lovers (comp.)

McCoy Tyner - "Song For My Lady" - Song For My Lady (1972)
Stan Getz – “Blood Count” – Pure Getz (recorded 31 Years ago today – 1/29/1982)

Thelonious Monk – “Nice Work If You Can Get It” – It’s Monk Time (recorded
49 Years ago today – 1/29/1964)

Claire Daly Quartet - "Light Blue" - Baritone Monk (2012)

Doug Carn - "New Incentive" - A New Incentive (2001)

Graham Dechter - "Hocus Pocus" - Takin' It There (2012)

Pancho Molina/Elias Meister - Ulises - Open for Business (2012)