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Saturday, May 30, 2020

14 Miles Davis Albums for Under $5

Muted Miles close to that mic!
So you're a little bored from all the staying at home, and impulse shopping on Amazon is a major temptation - especially if you're a music junkie. Have no fear - the daddy of music cheapness is here to help you spend less and get more.

Below we have a whole slew of Miles Davis cd's that go for cheap - and most are Prime so you can have them in your hands pretty quickly. 
I just ordered the Jack Johnson one yesterday - it'll be here tonight! Plus many of them come with "auto-rip" so I was able to listen to the album this morning while I cuddled with the dog (he liked side A). I do make a few cents on purchases from this blog post, but it does not raise the cost of the items. Fill the holes in your collection and get with some new first rate jazz! - Kendo!

ps - most of the cds below are Prime even though the icons may not list it as such.