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Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Soul Jazz Tuesday XIX with DJ Kendo


A mix of uplifting and relaxing soul jazz tracks from Clarence Penn, Ronnie Laws, Blue Mitchell, Eddie Jefferson, Cleveland Eaton and lots more! Listen in the player below and thanks for visiting! - Kendo

Episode XIX

Karrin Allyson with Rosa Passos- "O Grande Amor" - A Kiss for Brazil (2023)

Eddie Jefferson - "Night Train" - The Main Man (1977)

Clarence Penn (with Chelsea Jackson) - "Sometimes It Snows in April" - Behind the Voice (2024)

Blue Mitchell - "The Thing to Do" - The Thing to Do (1964)

Twink - "Thistle Bliss" - Dust Bunnies (2015)

Angela Verbrugge - "I Had the Craziest Dream" - Somewhere 20??)

Cleveland Eaton - "Chi-Town Theme" - (1975)

Ron King - "Perfect Day" - Triumph (2016)

Ronnie Laws - "Grace" - Flame (1978)

Shirley Caesar - "He's Got It All In Control" - Rejoice (1980)

Herbie Mann - "Rhythmatism" - Fire Island (1977)

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