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Thursday, March 16, 2023

Playlist for 3-16-2023 - St Patricks Day Jazz!

All the Micks and Macs from my vinyl collection (almost) to give you a bona fide St. Patrick's Day Jazz show! Although admittedly a few might not be Irish, we have representatives from The McLeans, The McLaughlins, The McDuffs, The MacPartlands, The McGriffs, The McRaes, The McPhersons, The McKusicks, lots more! Grab a naughty-size slice of soda bread and some breakfast tea (or a Guiness if so inclined) and enjoy some fun and excellent jazz you probably won't hear anywhere else! (Today, anyway!) Listen in the player below. Happy St. Patrick's Day!! - Kendo

Hour One:

Hal McKusick - "Blues Half-Smiling" - Triple Exposure (1957)

John McLaughlin & The 4th Dimension - "Miles Beyond" - Live at Ronnie Scotts (2017)

Carmen McRae - "The Night Has a Thousand Eyes" - Alfie (1966)


Jack McDuff - "Layin' Back" - The Fourth Dimension (1974)

Jackie McLean - "Jack's Tune" - A Ghetto Lullaby (1973)

Jill McCarron - "One For Amos" - Jazz Motif (2021)

Jimmy McGriff - "Big Booty Bounce" - Red Beans (1976)

Fraser MacPherson - "Slow Boat to China" - Jazz Prose (1984)

Les McCann & Eddie Harris - "Cold Duck Time" - Swiss Movement (1969)

Marian McPartland - "This Masquerade" - A Fine Romance (1976)

Hour Two:

John McLaughlin - "Every Tear From Every Eye" - Electric Guitarist (1978)

Christian McBride - "Brown Funk (For Ray)" - A Family Affair (1998)

Carmen McRae - "I Didn't Know What Time It Was" - Live at Sugar Hill, San Francisco (1962)

Brother Jack McDuff - "Flat Backin'" - Moon Rappin' (1969)


Charles McPherson - "Bloomdido" - Come Play With Me (1995)

Jackie McLean - "Appointment In Ghana Again" - New Wine in Old Bottles (1978)

Jimmy McGriff - "Plain Brown Bag" - Groove Grease (1971)

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