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Thursday, November 10, 2022

Playlist for Jazzploration 11-10-2022 - Impromptu Show - Soul Jazz


This past Tuesday's show had some major volume issues, so to make up for it I went live today to do an impromptu show. No announcing, just relaxing, post Hurricane soul jazz. You can listen below. Thanks for stopping by! - Kendo

Milt Jackson and Ray Charles - "Blue Funk" - Soul Brothers (1958)

Grant Green - "The Windjammer" - Green Is Beautiful (1970)

Eddie Henderson - "Morning Song" - Comin' Through (1977)

George Benson - "Jama Joe" - Tell It Like It Is (1969)

Soul Mann & the Brothers - "Bumpy's Lament" - Shaft (1971)

Johnny Hammond Smith - "L & J" - What's Going On (1971)

Billy Butler - "The Twang Thang" - This Is Billy Butler (1969)

Lonnie Liston Smith - "A Lover's Dream" - A Song for the Children (1979)

Gabor Szabo - "Pretty Girl Why" - Magical Connection (1970)

Herbie Hancock - "Butterfly (Excerpt)" - Thrust (1974)

Grant Green - "I Don't Want Nobdy To Give Me Nothing.../Cold Sweat" - Shades of Green (1971)

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