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Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Playlist for 3-17-2020 WFCF - St Patricks Day!

Photo by  Djalma Paiva Armelin

Today we are celebrating St. Patricks Day listening to jazz by artists with Irish last names: McDuff, McGriff, McLean, McPartland, McPherson, McBride, McFarland... you get the idea. Should be fun! Tune in at 88.5 FM in and around St. Augustine, or listen on iHeart here. See you there! - Kendo

ps: audio of the broadcast of the show below!

instagram: @jazzploration

Hour One:

Marian McPartland's Hickory House Trio - "September Song" -

Gary McFarland - "Paris Original" - The Jazz Version: How To Succeed... (1961)

Gary McFarland - "Love From a Heart of Gold" - The Jazz Version: How To Succeed... (1961)

            3:15 Jazz Coffee Break

Carmen McRae - "Like A Lover" - I Am Music (1975)

Hal McKusick - "A Touch of Spring" - Triple Exposure (1957)

Jack McDuff - "Elmo Tucker" - The Heatin' System (1972)

Roger Kellaway - "Night and Day" - The Many Open Minds of Roger Kellaway (2010)*

Gina Kronstadt - "A Simple Man" - October Comes Too Soon (2019)*

Hour Two:

Les McCann & Eddie Harris - "Cold Duck Time" - Swiss Movement (1969)

Jimmy McGriff - "The Worm" - The Worm (1968)

John McLaughlin - "New York On My Mind" - Electric Guitarist ()

Bob McChesney - "You May Have It Wrong" - Chez Sez (2015)

Christian McBride - "Wayne's World" - A Family Affair (1998)

Lara Driscoll - "Autumn In New York" - Woven Dreams (2019)

Jackie McLean - "Lost" - A Fickle Sonance (1962)

Jimmy McGriff - "Space Cadet" - Red Beans (1976)

Hour Three:

Brother Jack McDuff - "Sancitified Samba" - Live! (1963) - The Ride Home!

Brother Jack McDuff - "Whistle While You Work" - Live

Hal McKusick - "Blues Half-Smiling" - Triple Exposure (1957)

Carmen McRae - "Man That Was A Dream" - Carmen Sings Monk (1988)

Nellie McKay - "Where Or Where" - Sister Orchid (2018)

Fraser MacPherson - "Happy Man" - Jazz Prose (1984)

Charles McPherson - "Get Happy" - Come Play With Me (1995)

Carmen McRae - "Still We Dream" - Carmen Sings Monk (1988)

Benny Green - "My Girl Bill" - Kaleidoscope (1996) request

Jackie McLean - "Nursery Blues" - Tippin' The Scales (1962)

Hour Four:

Marian McPartland - "A Fine Romance" - A Fine Romance (1976)

Tim McCormick - "Funertia" - Earth Signs (2004)

Carmen McRae - "Miss Brown to You" - Billie Holiday Revisited ()

Brother Jack McDuff - "Theme from Electric Surfboard" - Down Home Style (1969)

Kat Edmonson - "All I Do Is Dream of You" - Dreamers Do (2019)*

Gary McFarland - "I Don't Need the Rain to See Rainbows - "Scorpio and Other Signs" (1968)

Brother Jack McDuff - "Down in the Valley" - A Change Is Gonna Come ()

John McLaughlin - & The 4th Dimension - "Miles Beyond" - Live at Ronnie Scott's (2017)

Miles Davis - "Moon Dreams" - Birth of the Cool (1949)*

Brother Jack McDuff - "Oblighetto" - Moon Rappin' (1969)

John McLaughlin - "Peace One" - My Goals Beyond (1970)

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