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Thursday, November 22, 2018

Playlist for 11-20-2018 WFCF - 4 Themes!

Early 60s recording session, L-R Joe Benjamin, Joe Morello, Gary Burton, Hank Garland

This week we had a different theme each hour! Hour One was choice tracks from the year 1963 with both favorites and tracks new to the show. Hour Two was devoted to the new jazz shelf with superior cuts from the likes of Kat Gang, James Francies and Thomas Marriott. Hour Three was made up from requests made on the Facebook page and was lots of fun. Hour Four featured alternative versions of famous jazz recordings by Miles, Coltrane, Monk and more! Thanks for joining me and Happy Thanksgiving!

Hour One: 1963

Hank Mobley - "Up a Step" - No Room for Squares (1963)
Solid - of course!

Johnny Hodges/Wild Bill Davis - "I Cried For You" - Mess of Blues (1963)

3:15 Jazz Coffee Break

Cal Tjader - "China Nights (Shina No Yoru)" - Several Shades of Jade (1963)

Sonny Stitt with Jack McDuff - "For You" - Soul Shack (1963)

Kenyon Hopkins - "Lissa" - The Yellow Canary (1963)

Jackie McLean - "Cheers" - Vertigo (1963)

Roland Kirk - "Reeds and Deeds" - Reeds and Deeds (1963)

Howard Roberts - "If Ever I Would Leave You" - H.R. is a Dirty Guitar Player (1963)

Wes Montgomery - "Fried Pies" - Boss Guitar (1963)

Bill Evans - "A Sleepin' Bee" - Trio '64 (1963)

Hour Two: New Jazz!

Giacomo Gates - "A Different Thing" - G8S (2018)*

David Hazeltine - "Smoke Gets in Your Eyes" - The Time Is Now (2018)*
Kat's new one sounds great!

MIchael Dease - "Pearls" - Bonafide (2017)*

Jack Mouse - "Adamant Inversary" - Intimate Adversary (2017)*

Kat Gang - "This Can't Be Love" - Come Closer (2018)*

James Francies - "Leaps" - Flight (2018)*

Tessa Souter - "A Taste of Honey" - Picture in Black and White (2017)*

Thomas Marriott - "Dexter's Tune" - Romantic Language (2018)*

Jeb Patton - "Zec" - Tenthish - Live in New York (2018)*

Matt Kane - "Jump Rope Dance" - The Other Side of the Story (2018)*

Hour Three: Requests and more!

DK Anderson's Cypher "Super Mario" - 8th Window (2016) - The Ride Home! request

Ray Brown Trio - "Have You Met Miss Jones" - The Red Hot Ray Brown Trio (1985)

Miles Davis - "Prince of Darkness" - The Sorcerer (1967) request

Bobby Broom - "Summer Breeze" - Soul Fingers (2018)* request
Phil Woods featured on 5 cuts today!

Michel LeGrand - "Jitterbug Waltz" - Legrand Jazz (1958) request for Phil Woods

Eddie Costa - "Nature Boy" - Eddie Costa Quintet (1957)

Joe Morello - "Every Time" - It's About Time (1961)

Gary Burton - "Storm" - Who Is Gary Burton? (1962)

Gil Melle - "Golden Age" - Gil's Guests (1957)

Hour Four: Alternate Takes!

Herbie Hancock - "One Finger Snap (Alternate Take)" - Empyrean Isles (1964)

Thelonious Monk - "Crepuscule with Nellie (Takes 4 & 5)" - Monk's Music (1957)

Miles Davis - "Hand Jive (First Alternate Take)" - Nefertiti (1967)

John Coltrane - "Naima (Alternate Version 2)" - Giant Steps (1959)

Stan Getz - "Captain Marvel (Alternate Take)" - Captain Marvel (1972)

Art Pepper - "The Trip (Alternate Take)" - The Trip (1976)

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