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Monday, August 17, 2015

InstaCollection - Goin' Back Some!

InstaCollection! - start or freshen up your jazz collection with DJ Kendo recommendations! Buy downloads for your phone/pc using the handy links below or just load the titles into your favorite music streaming service!

This week here are 3 choice jazz cuts from way back. Technically, these would all be "sides" since they all originally were released on 10 inch 78rpms.

Louis Armstrong's Hot Five - "Struttin' With Some Barbecue" -one of those "must hear before you die" recordings, Armstrong's arrangement of his first wife's strong composition is wildly entertaining start to finish; his own trumpet playing already so distinguished and rich, his improvisatory skills matched with a rare rhythmic genius that spilled over abundantly into his singing later on. Johnny Dodds - clarinet, Kid Ory - trombone, Johnny St. Cyr - banjo and Lil Hardin (Armstrong) - piano. Recorded in Chicago 12-9-1927.

Dizzy Gillespie - "Salt Peanuts"
- aside from being a classic that features Charlie Parker on alto; this is an astonishing display of Dizzy's creativity, squeezing so much music into 3 minutes with careful arranging and a serious adeptness at swinging (as well as a place for Dizzy's unique humor!) The 2-28-1945 recording also features Clyde Hart on piano, Slam Stewart on bass, Eddie Palmieri on guitar and Cozy Cole plays drums. Groundbreaking then, and still remarkable!

Duke Ellington - "Just Squeeze Me" - sass and sophistication, no one did it better! Duke is on piano and lead trumpeter Ray Nance takes the vocal. Taft Jordan and Shorty Baker also are in the trumpet section. Several ensemble crescendos with a repeated riff (and fairly experimental harmonies) build a unique tension and add to the foot tapping. Recorded 7-9-1946.

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