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Sunday, July 12, 2015

Instacollection! - Music for Insomniacs!

InstaCollection! - start or freshen up your jazz collection with Kendo recommends! Buy downloads for your phone/pc using the handy links or just load the titles into your favorite music streaming service!

This week's recommends are four long, evolving tracks that are especially good for late night listening by those who are trying to sleep but can't. Interesting enough to fight the boredom and overthinking, but dreamy enough to let you nod off when it's time!

Stan Getz - "Times Lie"
Freddie Hubbard - "Sky Dive"
Miles Davis - "Bag's Groove"
Hal McKusick - "I'm Glad There Is You"


ps - another great cut for late night listening is Miles Davis' "Tout de Suite". It's not available online as an independent track, but you can program it into your streaming playlist :)

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